Relating to or marking the distance of an ancient Roman mile, which equaled 1,000 paces.

[Latin mīlliārius, consisting of a thousand, one mile long, from mīlle (passuum), a thousand (double paces), a Roman mile; see gheslo- in Indo-European roots.]


(Units) relating to or marking a distance equal to an ancient Roman mile of a thousand paces
[C17: from Latin milliārius containing a thousand, from mille thousand]


(ˈmɪl iˌɛr i)

1. of, pertaining to, or designating the ancient Roman mile of 1000 paces.
2. marking a mile.
[1600–10; < Latin milliārius a thousand paces long. See milli-, -ary]
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'Milliary equipment are never obsolete, with maintenance culture of the military globally, vehicles and equipment of the Second World War are still useful in other parts of the world.
Features of biopsies reported as reactive gliosis No Age Signs Location Antecedents 1 36 Sensitive Thalamus Pulmonary TB 2 56 Motor Occipital Pulmonary TB 3 60 Motor Frontal Myeloproliferative disease 4 42 Sensitive Frontal -- 5 27 Sensitive Frontal Multiple Sclerosis 6 71 Behavior Thalamus Milliary TB 7 25 Motor Brain Stem Renal transplant 8 55 Behavior Thalamus -- TB (Tuberculosis).
There were 6 maternal deaths related to HIV and AIDS; 4 patients had respiratory failure secondary to TB pneumonia, 1 had bacterial meningitis and 1 died after presenting with multiorgan failure and milliary tuberculosis.
Out of 19 cases 13 under 5 years of age and of these 13, 11 were having severe form of tuberculosis like milliary and disseminated TB.
CNS was involved more commonly in milliary TB (5 of 7 cases) than disseminated TB (3 of 7 cases).Incidence of lung abscess was 1.1% and 1.2% in primary and secondary lung pathology, with the advent of antibiotics therapy the incidence has reduced.
Many animals are allergic to flea bites and can develop a generalised skin disease called milliary eczema and secondary bacterial infections can result from the broken skin.
Further, there were double-strength, 'milliary' or 'one thousand' strong, cohorts.
Other diagnostic criteria were cerebro spinal fluid analysis for TB meningitis and CT-scan and microbial study for milliary or extra pulmonary tuberculosis.
Life-threatening conditions such as raised intracranial pressure, milliary tuberculosis, and cytomegalovirus infection may be revealed by ophthalmoscopy1.
Patients consisted of those with pulmonary tuberculosis, tuberculosis lymphadenitis and milliary or meningitis.
Sclerosing tubercular mastitis, tuberculous mastitis obliterans and acute milliary tubercular mastitis are rare nowadays and of historical importance only, whereas tubercular breast abscess is more frequently encountered.
The name of the First Cohort of Spaniards is not accompanied by the milliary sign on any British diploma, but the editors of Roman Military Diplomas do not regard this as being of any significance as other known thousand-strong cohorts are not always so marked.