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One thousandth (10-3) of a mole.


(Units) one thousandth of a mole


(ˈmɪl əˌmoʊl)

1/1000 of a mole. Abbr.: mM
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Given that Gd + is only detectable at the millimole level, a scholar [23] bound the RGD of an integrin a[sub]V[sz][sub]3 target with superparamagnetic iron oxide (SPIO) nanoparticles to establish a new type of molecular imaging probe (RGD-SPIO).
We report urinary fluoride in units of micromoles per litre ([micro]mol/L), creatinine-adjusted urinary fluoride in units of micromoles per millimole ([micro]mol/mmol), and fluoride concentration in tap water in units of milligrams per litre (mg/L) to be consistent with how these variables are presented in Statistics Canada documentation.
The blood concentration of lactate was measured immediately using an automatic biomedical blood gas analyser (CCX, NOVA Biomedical, Waltham, MA, USA) as part of a routine panel of blood gas tests in our clinical laboratory with the electrode method, and it was expressed in millimole per litre (mmol/L).
For each millimole of lactate per kg of body mass an equivalent of 3 ml of [O.
The blood sugar value, measured using the marker HbA1c, which gives a mean value over a three-month period, dropped by five millimole per mole, a leap which can be considered justification for giving wider access to the treatment.
With both types of therapies, every 1 millimole per liter (39 milligrams per deciliter) reduction in LDL cholesterol represented a 23 percent decrease in the risk of major cardiovascular events, the team reports.
3] of gallic catechine/ acid /100 g 100g of raw of raw fruit fruit Zolotoe Letnee, juice 2011 203 24 65,0 Zolotoe Letnee, juice 2012 630 141 18,0 Zolotoe Letnee, pulp 2011 282 76 33,0 Zolotoe Letnee, pulp 2012 832 164 16,4 Spartak Letnee, juice 2011 125 53,0 39,0 Spartak Letnee, juice 2012 400 98 11,0 Spartak, pulp 2011 147 109,0 15,0 Spartak, pulp 2012 467 129 8,0 Kutuzovets, juice 2011 221 236 89,0 Kutuzovets, juice 2012 232 269 31,0 Kutuzovets, pulp 2011 354 244 29,0 Kutuzovets, pulp 2012 456 284 10,0 Apple variety Parameters FRAP assay Antioxidant millimole activity in [Fe.
The researchers found that both male and female study participants who took a statin reduced their risk of a major cardiovascular event (heart attack, stroke, bypass surgery, cardiac death) by 21 percent and the overall risk of death by nine percent for every 1 millimole per liter (mmol/L) reduction in LDL cholesterol.
Moreover, in the earlier coal studies it was also determined, by gas-chromatographic measurements, that all the added high EDN solvent was completely absorbed into the macromolecular swollen coal structure, up to some specific limiting concentration (measured in millimole of high EDN solvent per gram of coal), with the specific concentration depending on the coal used.
Since the results are calculated on the basis of amount of phytochemical extract required to reduce one millimole of Fe (III) to Fe (II), the lowest value has highest antioxidant power.
To convert urine cadmium from micrograms per gram creatinine to nanomoles per millimole creatinine, multiply by 1.