milling machinery

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Noun1.milling machinery - machinery that processes materials by grinding or crushingmilling machinery - machinery that processes materials by grinding or crushing
cider mill - mill that extracts juice from apples to make apple cider
coffee grinder, coffee mill - a mill that grinds roasted coffee beans
flour mill - a mill for grinding grain into flour
gristmill - a mill for grinding grain (especially the customer's own grain)
machinery - machines or machine systems collectively
meat grinder - a mill for grinding meat
pepper grinder, pepper mill - a mill for grinding pepper
quern - a primitive stone mill for grinding corn by hand
spicemill - a mill for grinding spices
treadwheel, tread-wheel, treadmill - a mill that is powered by men or animals walking on a circular belt or climbing steps
water mill - a mill powered by a water wheel
windmill - a mill that is powered by the wind
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The development and usage of new substrate materials, the growing prominence of Asian manufacturing, the increased automation expenditure, and advancements in CNC and milling machinery are some of the prominent factors expected to contribute significantly in the growth of the precision parts market.
In these cases, develops should consider checking with a milling machinery manufacturer that has a track record with the product.
Founded in 2005, Novakon is a top resource for high-grade CNC milling machinery with the latest addition of CNC Laser Machines.
The engineering suite is equipped with more than PS30,000 worth of CNC milling machinery, provided by local charitable trust, The Reece Foundation, which promotes local engineering and manufacturing industries in the region.
At Sarehole Mill, Hall Green, the historic milling machinery is back in action, producing flour for its signature Sarehole bread which is baked on site (milling and baking on selected Sundays and, on Saturday, April 26, young visitors can steer model boats on the millpond).
The 19th century building still contains one original mill stone and milling machinery, but five milling stones and the iron waterwheel are thought to have been removed during the Second World War.
RAEM is one of a comprehensive range of high-performance, anti-vibration mountings manufactured by Trelleborg Industrial AVS for machines with rotating movements, such as compressors, AC units, fans generators, milling machinery, refiners and defibrilators, as well as separators.
aircraft-dropped bomb in the burnt-out milling machinery.