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n. Abbr. mrem
One thousandth (10-3) of a rem.
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(Units) one thousandth of a rem
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(ˈmɪl əˌrɛm)

1/1000 of a rem.
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n (rad, ant) milirem m
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Plumes show contamination at four dose levels: 15, 30, 100, and 500 millirem (mrem) per year.
In this case, the dose is measured in what are known as millirems, a measure of radiation and its effectiveness at causing biological damage.
Those procedures deliver about 10 millirem and 13 millirem of radiation, respectively, or thousands of times more radiation than the full-body scanners used by TSA.
A small amount of radioactivity was emitted giving people nearby a dose of about one millirem, which is what they receive every day from natural sources.
nuclear power plant has been less than one millirem, compared to the annual average exposure from nature of 300 millirem.
The regulatory commission said the released gases and liquid were 0.1 millirem and .0009 millirem respectively, whereas the average person in the United States receives 300 millirem annually from "background radiation" -- rocks, soil, outer space.
The toes of biological effects seen in humans from exposures to high doses (100,000 millirem or more) of radiation are: SOMATIC (Prompt and Delayed), TEROTOGENIC, and GENETIC.
Ecology in Oak Ridge, I am looking at drums labeled RADIOACTIVE and SLUDGE and metal boxes (called B-25s or Sea-Lands) identified by millirem dose rates--.4 MR/HR, .8 MR/HR, 2 MR/HR, 5 MR/HR.
Because, explains Johnson, "the plant's wastewater would irradiate the lake." This fear has no basis in fact: Treated after it's used as a cleaning agent, plant water contains 0.1 millirem a year of radioactivity, while the normal human dose of radioactivity from the earth alone is 360 millirems a year.
The average effective dose equivalent of radiation to which a person in the United States is exposed annually is estimated to be about 350 millirem. (A millirem is a unit that estimates the biological impact of a particular type of radiation absorbed in the body.)
Also, the radiation field surrounding the reactor's internal pumps is 80 millirem per hour, a fraction of the 500 mr per hour surrounding large recirculation pumps in standard BWR designs.
VDTs do emit ionizing radiation, but at such a low level--less than one millirem per month--that the danger is negligible.