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Miming involves acting out a story through body motions, without the use of speech.
Viewers watching the BBC coverage at home also accused her of 'miming' as there were several moments were there was no sound coming out of her mic and she was still singing.
CHERYL was pulled up on her latest TV performance by a number of fans who accused her of miming.
IN today's letters page of the Daily Post [February 14th] Mr Brian Christley of Abergele commented that if the First Minister Of Wales Carwyn Jones was in a Welsh choir he would be the one at the back miming the words.
They watched a video of Mr Fenwick miming the Whitney Houston hit to the girl.
The red dotted lines depicting each mime will encourage children to use their imagination and to try miming for themselves and the book as a whole will engage children in discussions about the importance of acceptance, tolerance, kindness, friendship and different types of self-expression.
Glamour girl Katie Price has been blasted by fans for miming in panto.
Patron's spokesman said that it was ridiculous to accuse her of miming and added that she doesn't need to mime since she has been performing for more than 60 years.
According to Telegraph UK, Dolly Parton disappointed many fans who believed she was just miming in a supposedly-live performance.
Yet fans have blasted Jennifer Lopez for apparently miming on American Idol - after criticising live singers.
Mime artists believe in the power of arts to change things, but words don't move people, which is why they've stopped talking and started miming instead.
But in an interview for XFM, he said he had been approached but was unhappy with the secrecy and miming at a gig for tens of thousands of people.