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An elevated platform near the mihrab in a mosque, from which the sermon is delivered during services.

[Arabic, probably from Ge'ez manbar, seat, pulpit, or mənbār, seat, throne, both from nabara, to sit; see nbr in Semitic roots.]
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The group attacked Coptic beliefs from the minbar (pulpit) of mosques.
A group calling itself Minbar Sinai (Sinai Pulpit) issued a statement on the group's Telegram channel on Tuesday, saying that the channel was hacked by members of the Islamic State after it released an earlier statement stressing the terrorists' defeat in the ongoing Operation Sinai 2018 launched by the Egyptian security forces.
The governor equally commended the religious leaders for their support and identification with state policies and programmes, especially using the pulpit in the churches and the minbar in the mosques to mobilize and sensitize Lagosians to become law abiding and discharge their civic responsibilities to the state and other citizens.
The imam fell from the raised minbar, or pulpit, when the attack broke out and was trampled by worshippers who tried to flee the carnage.
The mihrab is still preserved, as well as a simple wooden minbar.
He made one public appearance, in July 2014, when he climbed the minbar of the Grand Mosque of al-Nuri in Mosul to anoint himself as leader of a new caliphate.
La seconde salle du musee abrite des objets entre le 9e et 15e siecle de notre ere Tels que le Minbar de la grande mosquee d'Alger datant de la dynastie almoravide.
The mosque s minbar, mihrab and walls with delicate their engravings portray the skill and mastery of the craftsmen who worked on this mosque.
Ross, "From the Minbar to the Barricades: The Transformation of the Volga-Ural 'Ulama into a Revolutionary Intelligentsia" (PhD diss.
Es una bendicion de Dios para los musulmanes que perdieron su lealtad y su fe, y escogieron la vida mundana con todos los lujos que existen en las tierras apostatas, en lugar de la tierra de la creencia", escribio uno de los usuarios yihadistas del sitio web Al Minbar.
In November 2015, forces ordered the closure of Dream, al-Khalil and Minbar al-Hurriya radio stations in Hebron under the pretext of broadcasting "incitement against Israel.
These efforts include the revival of the Jihad campaign; the establishment of madrasas, colleges, mosques; and, specifically, Nur al-Din's patronage of the building of a minbar intended to be placed in the alAqsa mosque after his anticipated conquest of Jerusalem (pp.