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Affectedly refined or dainty.

minc′ing·ly adv.
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Adv.1.mincingly - in a mincing mannermincingly - in a mincing manner; "she stepped mincingly over the puddles"


adv (Brit) → gekünstelt; he walked mincingly away from herer entfernte sich tänzelnd von ihr


(mins) verb
1. to cut into small pieces or chop finely. Would you like me to mince the meat for you?
2. to walk with short steps, in an unpleasantly dainty or delicate way. She minced over to him.
meat (usually beef) chopped up into small pieces. mince and potatoes.
ˈmincer noun
a machine for mincing meat etc. Could you put the meat in the mincer?
ˈmincing adjective
too dainty or prim. He walked with little mincing steps.
ˈmincingly adverb
ˈmincemeat noun
a mixture of raisins, other fruits etc, usually with suet (used in baking ˌmince-ˈpies).
References in classic literature ?
"Pray, monsieur," concluded Porthos, mincingly, "above all, be exact."
These, in turn, were crowded out by Japanese women, doll-like, stepping mincingly on wooden clogs; by Eurasians, delicate featured, stamped with degeneracy; by full-bodied South-Sea-Island women, flower-crowned and brown-skinned.
"May I offer some refreshment?" Miss Pink asked, mincingly. "A cup of tea?"
Most influential, however, for the time-being, was Lyly's style, which is the most conspicuous English example of the later Renaissance craze, then rampant throughout Western Europe, for refining and beautifying the art of prose expression in a mincingly affected fashion.
"Quite startling," "Monstrous," "Most painful to see." The lank man, with the eyeglass on a broad ribbon, pronounced mincingly the word "Grotesque," whose justness was appreciated by those standing near him.
With which remarks, and many more, no less intellectual and to the purpose, Mr Mantalini kissed the fingers of his gloves to Ralph Nickleby, and drawing his lady's arm through his, led her mincingly away.
The mincingly pioneering trendsetter was king comic Dolphy, whom fans just loved to see sashaying in gleefully gay abandon.