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1. Disposed; inclined: I am not minded to answer any of your questions.
2. Having a specified kind of mind. Often used in combination: fair-minded; evil-minded.
3. Directed or oriented toward something specified. Often used in combination: civic-minded; career-minded.

mind′ed·ness n.


the state or quality of being minded
References in classic literature ?
It was meat and drink to him." "Yet," says another, "no one ever had an angry word to say of him, and they loved him not only for his terrier-like courage, but for his generosity, his high- mindedness, and his utter ignorance of what was mean or base." But although John was so much loved, and although he was generally so bright and merry, he had miserable times too.
Here International Mindedness and Global Citizenship are at the heart of everything we do and we are able to offer the very best in international education.
Failure to adopt civic mindedness would lead to individuals behaving with impunity, he said before warning that this could then devolve into chaos when members of society stop caring for each other.
The school hosted its eighth International Fair under the theme 'International mindedness'.
MULTAN -- 'Enlightenment and open mindedness are not a part of Islam; those who promise you a 'free' environment are the enemies of Islam,' said Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA) President Maulana Fazalur Rahman.
MULTAN -- Speakers in a seminar on interfaith harmony concepts of extremism and narrow mindedness said that all religions taught lessons of love, peace and hope.
The F4F program supported by Gazprom and FIFA aims at developing youth football and a healthy lifestyle as well as promoting tolerance, open mindedness and respect of different cultures and nationalities across the globe.
There are two causation paths incurring high-level knowledge creation: Path 1 shows that the logical condition set of low-level open mindedness and high-level shared visions triggers high-level knowledge creation (consistency=0.81, raw coverage=0.47); Path 2 shows that the logical condition set of high-level leadership & authorization itself can trigger high-level knowledge creation (consistency=0.82, raw coverage=0.69), but not necessary.
Lahore, July 14 ( ANI ): 26/11 terror attack mastermind Hafiz Saeed on Monday said that the uproar in the Indian Parliament over his informal meeting with senior journalist Ved Pratap Vaidik, shows the narrow mindedness and extremism that prevails among Indian politicians.
In our analysis, we pay particular attention to how well the IBDP supports students' academic development and 'international mindedness.' The broader objective of this paper is to introduce to a Canadian audience the phenomenon of the IBDP as a potentially worthwhile object of academic research.
To respond to the civic mindedness of this generation, and young people in general, educational institutions from elementary schools to colleges and universities have embraced service-learning as a valuable mechanism for engaging their students in the academic enterprise and the larger community.
As should the fact that the attack was borne out of nothing else than Lauren's past as the antique-dealing child prodigy James Harries who later became a woman - and the sheer narrow- mindedness some people possess.