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Attentive; heedful: always mindful of family responsibilities. See Synonyms at careful.

mind′ful·ly adv.
mind′ful·ness n.
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Adv.1.mindfully - in a careful deliberate mannermindfully - in a careful deliberate manner  
unmindfully - in a careless and thoughtless manner
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Here Faith Douglas, the founder of Forest Bathing UK, will show how to walk through woodland more mindfully to bathe all the senses for a more positive effect on the body.
Columbus Pacific has completed over USD 2.0bn of real estate investment and development over the past 20 years, and focusses on providing mindfully crafted living, shopping and gathering spaces across the continental US.
Here are a few of the strategies you can utilize before, during and after meals with a mindful eating work out based on Davis' (https://www.psychologytoday.com/intl/blog/click-here-happiness/201908/14-ways-eat-more-mindfully) 14 Ways to Eat More Mindfully as published in Psychology Today:
As a pedestrian, we must walk mindfully and avoid getting distracted with our phones, friends around us or food.
"Let us come together to take stock of the spate of killings in our province, to mindfully listen to each other on how these greatly affected us, to reflectively discern and galvanize possible intersectoral collaboration to support our local government in fulfilling its obligations, to conduct prompt investigation on these killings, to bring to justice the perpetrators and prevent the recurrence of these violent, inhumane acts," Bishop Julito Cortes said in a statement.
The health event organised by Paltrow marked Goop's first wellness summit which included a 'health meet' where she offered some helpful tips like 'how to hydrate mindfully' and 'creativity with your hands is like channeling God.'
Every dish mentioned is free of meat, fish, and animal byproducts and is mindfully orchestrated as an expression of the Buddhist "middle way." Balance and moderation are key, right down to the book's suggested meal pairings.
He turned to the joint horizons that bring together Jordan and Kuwait starting with the political culture and mindfully working and preserving the language of dialogue with cases and challenges that face the region and work towards building bridges of confidence and make sure to strengthen the cooperative Arab work.
'The Miaa regards the act as highly contemptuous and an insult to the rest of airport workers who are mindfully doing their jobs to earn their keep,' said Bungag.
Do you have space for an altar or table where items that hold spiritual meaning for you can be mindfully arranged?
Many of them will say things along the lines of: "if you eat slowly and mindfully, the weight will just naturally fall off" or, "if you eat mindfully, you'll naturally gravitate towards healthy foods and you'll effortlessly drop pounds."
"Living a Life of Harmony" also explains how to implement the guidelines in daily life on a practical basis, supported by real-life examples and practices and illustrates in-depth how and why each of these guidelines hold value and how they provide a set of tools to help us deal with life's ups and downs more skillfully, mindfully, and compassionately.