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a. Lacking intelligence or good sense; foolish.
b. Having no intelligent purpose, meaning, or direction: mindless violence.
2. Giving or showing little attention or care; heedless: mindless of the dangers.

mind′less·ly adv.
mind′less·ness n.
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Adv.1.mindlessly - without intellectual involvementmindlessly - without intellectual involvement; "all day long, he mindlessly filled out forms"
2.mindlessly - in an unreasonably senseless manner; "these temples were mindlessly destroyed by the Red Guards"
بِدون إنْتِباه، بِقِلَّة عَقْل


the power by which one thinks etc; the intelligence or understanding. The child already has the mind of an adult.
1. to look after or supervise (eg a child). mind the baby.
2. to be upset by; to object to. You must try not to mind when he criticizes your work.
3. to be careful of. Mind (= be careful not to trip over) the step!
4. to pay attention to or obey. You should mind your parents' words/advice.
be careful!. Mind! There's a car coming!
-minded having a (certain type of) mind, as in narrow-minded, *like-minded
mindful (with of) adjective
(formal) aware (of); paying attention (to). to be mindful of their needs; Mindful of the dangers, he proceeded with caution.
ˈmindless adjective
stupid and senseless. mindless violence.
ˈmindlessly adverb
ˈmindlessness noun
ˈmindreader noun
a person who claims to know other people's thoughts.
at/in the back of one's mind
being vaguely aware of something; deep inside. In the back of her mind she knew she couldn't trust him.
change one's mindchangebe out of one's mind
to be mad. He must be out of his mind!
do you mind!
used to show annoyance, stop someone doing something etc. Do you mind! That's my foot you're standing on!
have a good mind to
to feel very much inclined to (do something). I've a good mind to tell your father what a naughty girl you are!
have (half) a mind to
to feel (slightly) inclined to (do something). I've half a mind to take my holidays in winter this year.
in one's mind's eye
in one's imagination. If you try hard, you can see the room in your mind's eye.
in one's right mind
sane. No-one in his right mind would behave like that.
keep one's mind on
to give all one's attention to. Keep your mind on what you're doing!
know one's own mind
(usually in negative) to know what one really thinks, wants to do etc. She doesn't know her own mind yet about abortion.
make up one's mind
to decide. They've made up their minds to stay in Africa.
mind one's own business
to attend to one's own affairs, not interfering in other people's. Go away and mind your own business!
never mind
don't bother; it's all right. Never mind, I'll do it myself.
on one's mind
making one anxious, worried etc. She has a lot on her mind.
put (someone) in mind of
to remind (someone) of. This place puts me in mind of a book I once read.
speak one's mind
to say frankly what one means or thinks. You must allow me to speak my mind.
take/keep one's mind off
to turn one's attention from; to prevent one from thinking about. A good holiday will take your mind off your troubles.
to my mind
in my opinion. To my mind, you're better off working here than in most other places.
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Fresh fruit is healthy, as are nuts but when we demolish entire bags of high calorie trail mix simple because it is within easy reach on our desk we are mindlessly consuming hundreds of extra calories each week, often under the impression that we are being 'healthy'.
SICK of swiping mindlessly through Tinder, but not quite ready for the lengthy questionnaires required by eHarmony?
We have been cutting spending on items that are not considered high priority and are not going to mindlessly spend our reserves and spend them according to some political whim.
It is also vital in shaming those of the older and middle-aged generations who chose to be spineless and who mindlessly supported that entire Marcos clan.
The police are mindlessly patrolling the campus and the students are being demonised for no fault of theirs.
For instance, did you know that when you nosh mindlessly in front of the TV after school, you are way more likely to overeat?
It's for gamers, who don't want to waste time cooking that could be better spent staring mindlessly at a screen pushing buttons.
I am given to understand that since the DVLA mindlessly decreed it would no longer be necessary to display a current vehicle excise licence (aka tax disc) on one's windscreen, the number of unlicensed vehicles on the road has increased signifi-cantly.
By mindlessly trying to impose their order of 'agitation business', the PTI was only spoiling its chances of coming back to the table of talks with us", the minister said.
Pretty soon, our archery experience went from mindlessly cycling arrows to refining our flaws one at a time.
By succumbing mindlessly to this medium as our on-call guide, we are only adding to the existing burden our modern lifestyles are placing on our health.
Leading man Jason Statham proves why he's become Hollywood's go-to guy for taciturn, charismatic action heroes and helps to turn this into a mindlessly entertaining thriller.