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1. A mental or psychological scene or area of the imagination: "mindscapes, in which memories from an American childhood mingle with those from the fantasy world of the films" (Grace Glueck).
2. A representation of such a scene or area, as in a work of art.

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The artist's Mindscape series is particularly notable as a bellwether in the development in Philippine abstraction.
The New Retirement Mindscape 2013 City Pulse index, an annual retirement readiness index released this week by Ameriprise, finds that two in five Americans report feeling on track for retirement significantly more than those who felt this way last year (only 37%), and in any other year since the index began in 2010.
EXPOSED Mindscape no 1: Sail Away, Eve Hart The members of the group are each showcasing a finished piece of work but visitors to the gallery also get the chance to see a panel which displays their creative and working processes, which vary greatly.
Designed for the Nintendo DS, the game is being developed by Mindscape with the aim of attracting younger viewers to the soap.
As and added bonus the game also comes with a copy of its previous hit Mindscape Sudoku to provide the complete number-crunching puzzle package.
provides a mindscape panoramic view of how the broken cogs on the cosmic wheel still rock and reel with the rest of the world.
At other times, however, it becomes Wright's darkly surreal underworld, "the hollow skeleton beneath the city's concrete-and-steel skin," a mindscape reflecting the inner turmoil of the central characters.
The latest edition of the interactive encyclopedia, Compton's Encyclopedia 1999 Deluxe for Windows, is available from Mindscape, a division of The Learning Company, for an estimated price of $39.
At the time, Mindscape was thought by industry experts to be overpriced by 100m pounds.
The brands included in the program are Broderbund, Compton's, Creative Wonders, MECC, Mindscape and The Learning Company.
Pearson's new chief executive Ms Marjorie Scardino showed her determination to restructure the struggling media group yesterday by finally ditching its disastrous software acquisition Mindscape.
UWMC is using a Web-enabled clinical information system called MINDscape.