mine run

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Adj.1.mine run - not special in any waymine run - not special in any way; "run-of-the-mill boxing"; "your run-of-the-mine college graduate"; "a unexceptional an incident as can be found in a lawyer's career"
ordinary - not exceptional in any way especially in quality or ability or size or degree; "ordinary everyday objects"; "ordinary decency"; "an ordinary day"; "an ordinary wine"
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At least seven people have been killed in violent attacks during a long workers strike at a giant gold and copper mine run by US company Freeport McMoRan.
About 3,000 people gathered on a hill near the mine run by London-listed Lonmin, many of them carrying sticks, machetes and metal bars.
A trade union leader was shot dead near a mine run by platinum producer Lonmin.
President Zuma is under fire for failing to address and contain the rolling workers' protests, which in mid-August led to the killing of 34 strikers by police at the Marikana platinum mine run by Lonmin.
And humanitarian organizations like mine run on shoestring budgets, unable to meet the spiraling needs of such a massive population of victims.
Another 52 were injured in the disaster in the mine run by the state-owned Fuxin Coal Corporation in Liaoning province in the north-east.
The accident happened in a mine run by informal workers in Kintinia, about 800 km (500 miles) northeast of Conakry, an area which holds some of the West African country's largest gold reserves.
The owner of Soma Coal Mining Inc., Alp GE-rkan, told prosecutors that he does not have any criminal or civil liability for the accident that occurred at the mine run by his company last year, Turkish media reported on Sunday.
It covers the movement of the armies from where The Maps of the Bristoe Station and Mine Run Campaigns ends.
Investments of 500 million euros, exports rising by 300 million dollars yearly, 500 new jobs, and contracting domestic building firms will be the benefits for Macedonia's economy from the work of the Ilovica mine run by Canada's Euromax Resources, says TV Nova.