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Variant of minable.
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Considering 2 kilometer length and about 10 meter thickness and lkilometer easily mineable depth, the total easily mineable reserves are 56 million tons.
As the operation nears the end of its mineable life, Alpha has made good on a prior promise to idle its Emerald longwall complex in southwestern Pennsylvania at the end of next month.
Tag Intervals, Tag Mineable and Count Partings will replace older procedures familiar to longtime MineSight users.
2010 shows a 32% increase in measured and indicated mineable gold and 40% in potentially mineable deposits at Toroparu, a release said.
2 billion tons of economically mineable ore, with an average copper grade of 0.
Beginning about 2002-2003, prices for mineable commodities--especially metals like copper, silver and gold--began to firm, and then surged in 2004 and continued into 2006.
The average grade of the mineable resource is slightly reduced due to the inherent dilution effect of 40-ft mining benches.