Petroleum spirit

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a volatile liquid obtained in the distillation of crude petroleum at a temperature of 170° Fahr., or below. The term is rather loosely applied to a considerable range of products, including benzine and ligroin. The terms petroleum ether, and naphtha, are sometimes applied to the still more volatile products, including rhigolene, gasoline, cymogene, etc.

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Based on the product type, the global market is segmented into varnish makers & painter's naphtha, mineral spirit, heptane, and others.
According to a press release by Additional Director General, DRI, Vivek Chaturvedi, the four people were smuggling diesel into India via Kakinada in Andhra Pradesh and Chennai from Dubai by declaring it as a 'mineral spirit'.
The performance of the new reactive diluent was evaluated in a 250 g/L VOC alkyd wood stain that was formulated by replacing part of the mineral spirit solvent in a 550 g/L VOC alkyd wood stain with the reactive diluent.
If you would rather create your own finish, boiled linseed oil was used for years, along with a little turpentine or mineral spirit, and is still a recommended way to seal wood and stone.
In only two cases did specimens fabricated with material Pultru-G-U result in average shear strengths greater than the ASTM requirement: untreated/dry condition and mineral spirit treatment/dry condition.
Beeswax 4.8 Carnauba wax 2.0 Odorless mineral spirit 34.4 Aminofunctional siloxane 3.5 Dimethicone 350 4.3 Dimethicone 100,000 1.8 Stearic acid 1.6 Morpholine 0.9 Kaopolite 10.0 Carbopol 0.2 Water 36.5 Preservative, perfume, dye q.s.
The agency reported that on July 23, 2008, Carver County inspectors found that Roberts Automatic Products was not evaluating its waste mineral spirit still bottoms within 60 days of generation, and that the company was disposing of approximately two gallons per week of the unevaluated waste mineral spirit still bottoms by mixing them with its used oil.
The initial pressure methods matched well with mineral spirit absorption tests to delineate between normal and high permeability wood.
The most common water-repellent coating is a three- to five-percent silicone solution in a mineral spirit solvent base.
M2 PRESSWIRE-August 7, 2019-: Aliphatic Hydrocarbon Solvents & Thinners Market (Varnish Makers & Painters Naphtha, Mineral Spirit, Hexane, Hepteane) - Global Forecast to 2024
Clean your tools: Clean off tools with soap and water and use mineral spirits on wood handles.