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v. min·er·al·ized, min·er·al·iz·ing, min·er·al·iz·es
1. To convert to a mineral substance; petrify.
2. To transform a metal into a mineral by oxidation.
3. To impregnate with minerals.
1. To develop or hasten mineral formation.
2. To collect or study minerals.

min′er·al·iz′a·ble adj.
min′er·al·i·za′tion (-ə-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
min′er·al·iz′er n.
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n. mineralización, depósitos de minerales en los tejidos.
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Further drilling approximately 2.3 kilometers to the northeast along the Burgundy - Telena - 72' Zone trend intercepted new mineralization hosted in potassic/hematite altered intrusions in the form of disseminated, and vein-hosted chalcopyrite + bornite adjacent to historic high-grade Cu-Au-Ag skarn-type mineralization.
No significant work was completed past 2014 until Crystal Lake intersected mineralization at depth in a late-season RC drill program in October 2018.
Osino Resources Corp (CVE:OSI), the Namibian-focused exploration company, told shareholders on Thursday that it has confirmed a new gold mineralization zone at its Twin Hills project in the southern African country.
Allen SC, Jose S, Nair PKR, Brecke BJ, Nair VD, Graetz DA, Ramsey CL (2005) Nitrogen mineralization in a pecan (Carya illinoensis K.
Gold announced the results of the recent eight-hole reverse circulation drilling program that followed up the discovery of this mineralization last year.
A study was made to examine the mineralization pattern of nitrogen (N) from different sources of organic matter.
Alhambra discovers additional gold mineralization at depth (page 2)
Simple wet processing of the colluvial iron mineralization (Zone 3) produced a lump and fines product with a combined product grade of 63.4% Fe, 3.4% silica, 3.0% alumina and 0.052% phosphorus with a mass recovery of 61.0% (see ASX announcement dated 26 April 2012).
Intersections from the first twelve holes received from the South West Alluvial Zone confirm REO mineralization from surface in unconsolidated gravel, including:
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- New research implicates a novel peptide in impaired dentin mineralization in rickets.