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v. min·er·al·ized, min·er·al·iz·ing, min·er·al·iz·es
1. To convert to a mineral substance; petrify.
2. To transform a metal into a mineral by oxidation.
3. To impregnate with minerals.
1. To develop or hasten mineral formation.
2. To collect or study minerals.

min′er·al·iz′a·ble adj.
min′er·al·i·za′tion (-ə-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
min′er·al·iz′er n.
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A new surface mineralized zone 150m to the west of the main 3km mineralized zone has also been discovered.
Drilling and exploration (geological mapping and prospecting) have resulted in the discovery of a new altered and mineralized zone, located some 400 feet south of the Lapon Rose zone.
Kenneth MacLeod, President and CEO of Sonoro commented, "The establishment of a maiden estimate of mineral resources at Cerro Caliche provides a strong foundation from which potentially to expand the mineralization along strike and at depth from many of the mineralized zones documented in the Technical Report.
To date, copper mineralization at Siriema has been defined by both core drilling and reverse circulation drilling totaling 8,566 meters and has been interpreted as a mineralized zone extending approximately 400 meters in strike-length, approximately 20 to 50 meters in width, and from surface to a depth of approximately 250 meters.
The company added the phase I drill programme will focus initially on a 600 m long mineralized corridor, open along strike and down dip within a highly prospective six km long mineralized corridor.
DELTA, British Columbia -- Santevia Water Systems Inc., a family-owned and -operated company, is taking the industry by storm, converting tap water into healthy, mineralized and alkaline water for just pennies a glass.
Based on the above-mentioned enlightenment, we have studied the morphology of mineralized crystals by controlling the mineralization time and concentrations of MMT.
However, efforts were made to have ample coverage of the prospective zones in order to avoid missing of any expected mineralized locality in the subsurface.
In a test program in Iceland, more than 95 percent of the carbon dioxide injected into basaltic lava rocks mineralized into solid rock within two years.
reported that the British Columbia Ministry of Energy and Mines has granted the company a Bulk Sample Permit under Section 17(3) of the Mineral Tenure Act Regulation, which authorizes MGX to extract a 100-ton sample of mineralized material from the Driftwood Creek magnesium project.