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A ship equipped for detecting, destroying, removing, or neutralizing explosive marine mines.

mine′sweep′ing n.


The technique of clearing mines using either mechanical, explosive, or influence sweep equipment. Mechanical sweeping removes, disturbs, or otherwise neutralizes the mine; explosive sweeping causes sympathetic detonations in, damages, or displaces the mine; and influence sweeping produces either the acoustic and/or magnetic influence required to detonate the mine. See also minehunting.
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Noun1.minesweeping - the activity of detecting and disposing of marine minesminesweeping - the activity of detecting and disposing of marine mines
mine disposal - the disposal of explosive mines
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However, the Parliamentary Private Secretary wrote `Much as I dislike the implications of the "minesweeping taxi", I do not feel that we have the right to interfere.
LTA historian Richard Van Treuren can cite more than 25 types of missions and tasks accomplished successfully by blimps in World War II, including minesweeping, coastline patrol, and search and rescue.
Fadavi said the IRGC "targeted and damaged 12 US vessels, including a warship while they were escorted by 84 minesweeping vessels" during the Iraqi war on Iran.
Here the wedding photographer prowled the tables equipped with what reminded me of minesweeping equipment; not surprisingly he needed to wear something resembling a flak jacket to support its weight.
MINESWEEPING is a family affair for three crew members serving onboard the USS Ponce.
Both countries already engage in joint minesweeping activities as part of multinational military exercises.
Four US Navy minesweeping ships have arrived in the Persian Gulf to bolster the US Fifth Fleet and provide the ability to cull mines from the Strait of Hormuz if Iran should ever try to block it with mines, the U.S.
He served honorably to his country during WWII as a signalman first class on a minesweeping operation from 1943 to 1946.
In September, the service unveiled a transportable "mine warfare mission package" that will one day replace current minesweeping boats, which are scheduled for retirement in 2016.
Many of the trawlers were changed for minesweeping duties and this is where I found many Dutch men in Milford Haven.
In the lead up to the seaborne invasion of D-Day, the Shearwater, then given the pennant number ML1085 by the Royal Navy, conducted minesweeping duties for the landing beaches.