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A ship equipped for detecting, destroying, removing, or neutralizing explosive marine mines.

mine′sweep′ing n.


The technique of clearing mines using either mechanical, explosive, or influence sweep equipment. Mechanical sweeping removes, disturbs, or otherwise neutralizes the mine; explosive sweeping causes sympathetic detonations in, damages, or displaces the mine; and influence sweeping produces either the acoustic and/or magnetic influence required to detonate the mine. See also minehunting.
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Noun1.minesweeping - the activity of detecting and disposing of marine minesminesweeping - the activity of detecting and disposing of marine mines
mine disposal - the disposal of explosive mines
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He said the minesweeping robot removes and detects mines and easily passes through obstacles on its way if it is any.
With the fate of the Royal Canadian Navy's multi-purpose Kingston-class fleet of maritime coastal defence vessels (MCDVs) now set for decommissioning in 2020, our country's capacity to conduct minesweeping operations will disappear along with them.
In addition to minesweeping and flying drones, this year's event will also include escorting ships and protecting offshore terminals that oil and gas exporters in the Gulf rely on.
Vice Admiral John Miller, commander of the US Fifth Fleet, said yesterday that a massive naval minesweeping exercise involving 41 countries was not directed at Iran.
Both countries already engage in joint minesweeping activities as part of multinational military exercises.
The Engineering Authority held a press conference on Tuesday to announce the results of the minesweeping operations.
An international environment conservation group yesterday urged the US Navy to do the right thing and finance the restoration and continued protection of the Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park after its minesweeping vessel ran aground in the area two weeks ago.
The Exelis multiple-influence sweep systems are towed at high speeds through deep-ocean and littoral waters by helicopters, minesweeping ships or are remotely operated during mine-clearance operations, the company said
Since then, the business has grown to nearly 100 employees who develop and integrate minesweeping systems for the U.
led minesweeping exercise in the waters around the Arabian Peninsula in September as Iran has repeatedly threatened to block the Strait of Hormuz in retaliation against economic sanctions imposed by western countries to pressure Tehran to end its nuclear development program.
Minesweeping exercises were held in the Arabian Gulf, Gulf of Oman and the Gulf of Aden over 12 days.
Naval forces representing 30 countries were engaged in a massive minesweeping exercise in the Gulf, US officials, mobilizing three thousand seamen, more than 20 ships, ten minesweepers, helicopters and submarines.