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v. min·gled, min·gling, min·gles
To mix or bring together in combination: a breeze that mingles the sea air with the scent of pines; love that is mingled with grief. See Synonyms at mix.
1. To be or become mixed or united: The children's voices mingled in the hall.
2. To associate or take part with others: The faculty mingled with the trustees.

[Middle English menglen, frequentative of mengen, to mix, from Old English mengan; see mag- in Indo-European roots.]

min′gler n.
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Ornegin Kara Olum'un neden oldugu ekonomik kriz sonucunda Cin'de iktidara gelen Mingler, denizlerden cekilme karari almis; dolayisiyla Portekizliler Hint Okyanusu'na ulastiginda onlari durdurabilecek guclu bir Cin donanmasiyla karsilasmamistir.
FRIDGE MINGLER Someone who doesn't keep cooked and uncooked food separated in their fridge.
At a scheduled mingler one evening, Peay says, "I watched the attendees walk around; they didn't quite know what to do, because as a culture we're so established to have a plate or drink in our hand."
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So really, why on earth would anyone ever assume serial A-list mingler Lady Tina Green would know anything about her husband Sir Philip's UK high-street business empire?
The Zurich airport is a great mingler where people from the various levels of the Emirates flight from Dubai meet on the shuttle train and at the baggage carousel.
The archetypal mingler, it never looks out of place and adds buoyancy to heavy planting schemes.
Tickets are like gold dust and I could get only one, and even though I'm the most rubbish and gauche 'mingler' you'll come across, it didn't bother me in the slightest.
A savvy mingler stops and adds the magic words, And what about you?' and then you're in a conversation," RoAne says.