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or min·i·mart  (mĭn′ē-märt′)
A convenience store.
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Key improvement helps mini-mart chain quickly expand store network !-- -- Argie C.
For the past decades, grocery retailers have gradually transformed from traditional to modern concept such as in the form of supermarket, hypermarket and convenience store or mini-mart. While traditional concept like wet market is still actively operating, modern grocery concept has greater demand from the shoppers as it provide a better shopping experience for them.
Looking at the industry landscape, can a mini-mart format (or those that price their products at the same level as supermarkets) outsmart your advantages?
DON'T get burnt paying over the odds for groceries on holiday at the local mini-mart when there's a discount store around the corner.
As one in three Brits plans to go on a self-catering holiday in Europe this summer, we've discovered many will pay up to 57 per cent more by shopping at the resort's mini-mart instead of heading off to look for a supermarket.
Its threelions bedecked cover, in my local mini-mart in Llandaff, has the headline, "Come On England".
FAMILIES heading for a self-catering break in popular hotspots this summer should avoid the resort mini-mart as it will costa fortune to shop there.
Each proposed mini-mart will be of a modular design and construction, allowing for a much shorter development process.
"Norfolk Naval Shipyard and its tenants are very excited about the grand reopening of the Mini-Mart at our installation," he said.
When an electrical fire tore through Michael's Mini-Mart last April, destroying nearly everything inside, owners Michael and Alice Romero thought about walking away from the business that's been in the family for more than 50 years.
The full-service branch is located close to the Dandy Mini-Mart on Main Street in Rome, Pennsylvania.
The Cree Land Mini-Mart operating on Regina's urban reserve land and owned by Piapot First Nation has opened its doors to a new SaskTel store kiosk.