miniature golf

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miniature golf

A novelty version of golf played with a putter and golf ball on a miniature course and featuring obstacles such as alleys, bridges, and tunnels.

min′iature golf′

a game modeled on golf and played on a small obstacle course.
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Noun1.miniature golf - a novelty version of golf played with golf balls and putters on a miniature course featuring many obstaclesminiature golf - a novelty version of golf played with golf balls and putters on a miniature course featuring many obstacles
golf, golf game - a game played on a large open course with 9 or 18 holes; the object is use as few strokes as possible in playing all the holes
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Here's where you can go to play miniature golf in Liverpool, Wirral and Southport.
The real first for Tampa Bay golf courses is the 18-hole miniature golf course that opens to the public this week at Plantation Palms.
Officers were called to the Putters miniature golf complex and pizza parlor on Highway 99 North at 6:45 p.m.
Glow-in-the-dark miniature golf is a family entertainment concept similar to black light or "cosmic'' bowling.
on a miniature golf course at Orange Lake Resort, the ( Orlando Sentinel reported .
Boasting 15 decks of activity including an ice skating rink, rock climbing wall, miniature golf course, shopping street and a huge range of restaurants and bars, Adventure of the Seas has plenty to keep guests entertained for all 17 hours of daylight as well as the evening hours.
The West Tennessee ACEI joined in with the community leaders of Jackson, Tennessee, to support the 6th Annual Old Hickory Imagination Library Miniature Golf Tournament.
In fact, organizers of The Harris Cup national miniature golf tournament have already booked the site for next year's event, which is expected to draw as many as 100 mini-golfers from around the world to compete for a prize purse of over $10,000.
Playtime, based in Branson, Mo., offers family entertainment that includes Nascar go-carts on an indoor race-car track, eight party rooms, hundreds of video games, a performance stage, bumper cars, rides, bowling and black-light miniature golf.
Older children may prefer a trip to McInnis Park Golf Center ( in San Rafael, a family-friendly golf course featuring nine-hole executive golf, miniature golf and a restaurant.
Croix will begin construction of an on-site 18-hole miniature golf course and driving range.
You've probably played miniature golf with your mom or dad.

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