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Noun1.miniaturisation - act of making on a greatly reduced scaleminiaturisation - act of making on a greatly reduced scale
shrinking - the act of becoming less
تَصْغير الحَجْم
miniaturkopijas izgatavošana


(ˈminitʃə) adjective
smaller than normal, often very small. a miniature radio.
1. a very small painting of a person.
2. a copy or model of something, made on a small scale.
miniaturize, miniaturise (ˈminiətʃəraiz) verb
to make something in a (much) smaller size.
miniaturization, miniaturisation (ˌminətʃəraiˈzeiʃn) , ((American) ˌminiətʃuərəˈzeiʃn) noun
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This technology makes it possible to further increase in the speed of GaN power transistors, enabling the miniaturisation of various electronic equipment.
"This product proves that miniaturisation in connectivity can be successfully implemented in rugged high-density connectivity solutions that combine power and signal", explains Wim Vanheertum, MiniMax Product Manager at Fischer Connectors.
Kidlington, United Kingdom, March 18, 2015 --( Speed, accuracy and repeatability in the application of adhesives, protective coatings and other liquids can present problems to technology manufacturers, especially in a world where miniaturisation is a trend.
High Density Interconnect (HDI) technology entails miniaturisation of Surface Mounted Device (SMD) pads tracks and microvias which is already available technology for commercial market.
The 100D achieves its compact size without too many compromises, and is an amazing piece of miniaturisation.
Most recently Nothhaft was the chairman and CEO of semiconductor miniaturisation firm Tessera Technologies Inc (NASDAQ:TSRA), prior to which he was CEO of Danger Inc, which developed the T-Mobile Sidekick smartphone and was acquired by Microsoft in 2008.
German heater manufacturer Freek has taken the miniaturisation of its manifold heaters to another level.
The complete manpack radio solution incorporates 'advanced miniaturisation technologies' which result in its meagre 3.9-kg weight.

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