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 (mĭn′ē-ə-chə-rīz′, mĭn′ə-)
tr.v. min·i·a·tur·ized, min·i·a·tur·iz·ing, min·i·a·tur·iz·es
To plan or make on a greatly reduced scale.

min′i·a·tur′i·za′tion (-chər′ĭ-zā′shən) n.


[ˈmɪnɪtʃəˌraɪzd] adjminiaturizzato/a
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Release date- 16082019 - A new study from the University of Helsinki using miniaturized satellite-based tags revealed that during drier periods desert bats must fly further and longer to fulfil their nightly needs.
[USA], Aug 18 (ANI): Researchers with the help of miniaturized satellite-based tags have revealed that during drier periods desert bats must fly further and longer to fulfill their nightly needs.
Contract notice: acquisition of a fleet of miniaturized seismological sensors (named densar) for the school and observatory of earth sciences of strasbourg (eost)
During the last two decades, Pakistan has not hot-tested any other nuclear device, however, it has steadily miniaturized the nuclear devices and also modernize its ballistic and cruise missiles capability.
In the article titled "Miniaturized Printed Inverted-F Antenna for Internet of Things: A Design on PCB with a Meandering Line and Shorting Strip" [1], there were errors in Figures 3, 4, and 6.
In [21], the authors propose the design of a miniaturized CRLH LWA using metallic vias and interdigital lines.
NIS also said Pyongyang would continuously push to develop "miniaturized, diversified" warheads.
Increased deployment of small satellites driving the growth of the market There is a growing trend in the satellite industry to reduce the weight of satellites and their payload, which, in turn, has propelled satellite manufacturers to focus on the development of miniaturized satellites.
M2 PHARMA-February 3, 2017-Tarveda Therapeutics Raises USD 30m in Venture Financing; Will Use to Advance Pentarin Miniaturized Drug Conjugates
CRANSTON, RI -- AIM Solder in August announced the pending release of a new white paper examining the impact of stencil coatings and tension on solder paste print quality on miniaturized components.
DxO has added an update that includes copyright/author and watermarking to the DxO ONE miniaturized pro quality camera for iPhone and iPad, the company said.
Handheld and miniaturized molecular spectrometers have primarily delivered capabilities for color measurement or spectrometry in the ultraviolet-visible (UVVIS), [3] near infrared, or infrared (IR) ranges, but several factors can limit their performance.

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