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n. minilaparotomía, un tipo de intervención pélvica para uso de diagnóstico o con el propósito de esterilización por medio de ligación de las trompas.
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For this procedure, minilaparotomy was conducted in the first case, while pure laparoscopic approach was performed in the second patient.
The option of performing a minilaparotomy to exteriorize the bowel and an enterotomy to evacuate the bezoar was entertained; however, the bolus of undigested material was not large and successfully broken down.
[7] 85.7% of patients underwent tubal ligation by minilaparotomy while one out of seven underwent laparoscopic sterilization by falope ring application.
Laparoscopic-assisted myomectomy is a combination of laparoscopy and minilaparotomy for tissue extraction (JSLS 2001;
Open cholecystectomy was the gold standard for past 100 years3 and now the laparoscopic cholecys-tectomy is considered as first option for cholelithi-asis.4,5 Traditional biliary surgery has undergone some changes from conventional open to minilaparotomy cholecystectomy6 but since the
Combined laparoscopy and, when necessary, minilaparotomy is the authors' preferred technique.
Minilaparotomy, suturing of perforation, uneventful; discharge after a few days 2011, Hernia [8] Westwood and Laparoscopy, primary closure, Milsom uneventful; discharge on day 5 2009, Hernia [9] Neuhaus 3 cases, laparotomy, 2x et al.
The techniques for sterilization commonly implemented in India are; minilaparotomy with occlusion by the modified Pomeroy technique, minilaparotomy with occlusion by the tubal ring, laparoscopy with occlusion by the tubal ring and tubal ligation after caesarian section.
Another objective was comparison of retroperitoneal minilaparotomy (RML) with conventional transperitoneal classic median laparotomy (TCML) with respect to per-operative and post-operative outcome and complications.
There are two primary forms of female sterilization: a fairly new nonsurgical implant system, called "Essure," and the traditional tubal ligation procedure (done via laparoscopy or minilaparotomy), often called "getting your tubes tied."