minimal artist

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minimal art

minimal artist n.

minimal artist

n (Art) → Minimalist(in) m(f)
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In the book Donald Judd: Architektur (Munster, 1989), the Minimal artist holds forth with the following prognosis: when making sculpture, he intends the work as sculpture; and when making furniture, he intends it as furniture.
By repudiating the aesthetic overindulgence of secondary qualities, Minimalism offers an austere, backhanded critique both of the egocentric excesses of Abstract Expressionism (think you'd catch a Minimal artist pissing into the fireplace, drunk, at a party?) and of the studied revelry in superficiality characteristic of Pop art (think you'd catch a Minimal artist wearing a platinum wig?).
Man Ray may have placed a urinal on a stand and called it art, but Minimal artists placed plywood planks against a gallery wall, or bricks on the floor, and challenged viewers to see them as "primary structures," sculptural objects with shape, form, color and weight--but not content and meaning, and certainly not emotion.
* Some of the better-known minimal artists include Donald Judd, Richard Serra, Frank Stella, Robert Morris and Dan Flavin.

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