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The main difference between the new logo is that the letter W is now not three-dimensional, but flat, because of which it began to look more minimalistic. Earlier, on the same principle, nameplates on old Beetle were issued.
Also wearing an ankara off shoulder style which is too colourful and too bold at the same time can often lead to disastrous results, so try to keep it classic and minimalistic to get the best look.
His paintings are sensitively observed producing minimalistic, authentic images, but the sense of chaos and continuum is ever present."
SOMETIMES, when I'm watching the minimalistic Mum (BBC2, Wednesday), I wonder if less really is more.
DESIGNED by La Hacienda, the Matrix chimenea's angular lines, curved mouth and minimalistic features make a striking focal point in any garden.
Inside, the home is both charming and minimalistic, ready for future buyers to adapt and make their own.
Evolving Trend of 'Less is More' to Encourage Influx of Clean and Minimalistic Designs The loud and vibrant designs in gift packaging seem to be swept aside by clean and basic designs, with the rising fad for keeping it simple.
The model features a full-LCD instrument cluster, a circular headlamp that houses LED lights, LED turn indicators, wide handlebars, a sculpted fuel tank accompanied by brushed aluminium radiator guards and a minimalistic tail section.
A new logo was revealed by the company that is designed to identify with today's modern man, using minimalistic and architectural designs.
The TV also comes with Samsung's voice-enabled One Remote control which is minimalistic and has a sleek design.
Beginning with landscape painting in the '70s and continuing on to minimalistic, parametric structures that Al Khalifa has exhibited most recently, his vast body of work has seen distinct shifts in style through varied use of mediums.
Clad in a traditional yellow shalwar kameez, the actor looked gorgeous in a minimalistic look.