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tr.v. min·i·mal·ized, min·i·mal·iz·ing, min·i·mal·iz·es
To make minimal.

min′i·mal·i·za′tion (-mə-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
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A non-profit organization shared a video from an Al Jazeera platform with added English subtitles, exposing the network's bigotry, counter-factual information, and minimalization of the Holocaust.
We discussed the idea of minimalization, which avoids capturing personal data to avoid future security risks.
Using the above equation, the A matrices are computed by means of the minimalization of the residual noise E.
Ellen's decision to start drawing and to ask Bing to pose for her in the nude is logically prompted by a significant change in her mind as regards realism in drawing; the new realism emerging in the nude sketches parallels the realistic mode of the narrative, or narrative voice which becomes increasingly abstract while at the same time assuming a fuller note, sometimes approximating a musical crescendo -- a crescendo heard from a distance, though, and the distancing effect is that of minimalization: a minimal intensity signifying the reduced function of the sign.
This survey has show-cased the intradialytic strategies this nurse sample consider significant and which of these are routinely used for IDH minimalization.
In his everyday work he deals with widely understood ecology in architecture, in particular resources conservation, social ecology and minimalization of negative impact of building on environment.
The obvious part is the identification of character of each indicator (whether it is the indicator of maximation or the one of minimalization).
In that volume, Claudia Johnson describes a "Janeite" way of reading that attends less to plot than to detail and isolated characters in "The Divine Miss Jane: Jane Austen, Janeites, and the Discipline of Novel Studies" (32); William Galperin develops this idea in "Austen's Earliest Readers and the Rise of the Janeites." Galperin argues that Austen's early readers were interested in the "errancy" (94) of Austen's novels, or their minimalization of plot as a source of interest.
Objects and images are absorbed through minimalization, leaving out trappings and details, while imparting a feeling of tranquility and gentleness.
In our analyses, no significant correlations were detected between presence of anti-HLA/anti-MICA antibodies and factors which could potentially activate humoral immune system response, like primary autoimmune liver diseases, minimalization of immunosuppression (HCV and HBV infection or HCC in explanted liver), or type and number of immunosuppressive drugs.
The minimalization of the later Ecole de Paris--for example, the work of once-toured painters and writers such as Edouard Pignon and Helene Parmelin, sycophantic Picasso acolytes and propagandists, not to speak of acres of the master's own painting, genius though he may have been--was justified even if predicated on American chauvinism.
The application we point out is to use the matrix we find as a starting point for the minimalization methods (the Levenberg-Marquardt and quasi-Newton are considered as examples) when we search for the regular coupling matrix.

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