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tr.v. min·i·mal·ized, min·i·mal·iz·ing, min·i·mal·iz·es
To make minimal.

min′i·mal·i·za′tion (-mə-lĭ-zā′shən) n.
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Rossello and his top aides exchanged messages that contained language considered offensive and appeared to minimalize the damage from Maria.
Europe is a significant region of the market and is also witnessing substantial investments in the market owing to the severe eco-friendly government measures to minimalize carbon footprint.
The video was translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), which explained on its website that it was first shared on Twitter and Facebook on May 18 by AJ+ Arabic, "an online media platform." A producer for Al Jazeera named Muna Hawwa presented the video, which attempted to minimalize the evils of the Holocaust, blame Jews for its prominence in societal memory and claim that the murder of Jews actually aided Israel.
Bugun bircok cerrah, buyuk ve semptomatik tumorleri ameliyata alirken subtotal rezeksiyonu onemli bir secenek olarak degerlendirmekte, bu sekilde fasyal sinirde islev kaybi riskini minimalize edip, kalinti tumoru radyocerrahi ile kontrol altina almayi hedeflemektedir (18-20).
It is often a delicate balancing act on the part of corporate management between giving the venture the independence it requires and monitoring it to minimalize the costs and risks associated with the process (Garrett & Covin, 2015).
The employees should be taught the proper jumping and landing positions which minimalize the injuries, and it should be ensured that they follow the recommendations.
Minimalize the Campaign Carbon Footprint - Luest plans a digital campaign to be at the core of her outreach, encouraging people to connect with her and learn more online.
All measurements were performed on the second or third day of the menstrual cycle, and in order to minimalize intra and interobserver variabilities, all measurements were performed by a single sonographer (MES) using the same ultrasonography device (Mindray DC-7 Ultrasound System, China) and a 3.5 MHz abdominal probe (Figure 1).
The development of more practical and/or economic synchronization programs to minimalize the possible disadvantages of protocols in small ruminant breeding still maintains its importance for researchers and breeders (Holtz et al., 2008; Alkan et al., 2012).
For some wanting to minimalize, to live a simpler, happier life is not a fad."
This connectivity provides automated support for the patient's specific and changing needs as well as remote monitoring capabilities support for physicians, durable medical equipment providers, and caretakers to intervene to minimalize adverse events.
Hence we realized a diagnostic hysteroscopy in all presented cases to at least minimalize the risk of occult endometrial malignancy.

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