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Of or relating to the strategy in game theory that minimizes the maximum risk for a player.

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1. (Mathematics) maths the lowest of a set of maximum values
2. (Statistics) (in game theory, etc) the procedure of choosing the strategy that least benefits the most advantaged member of a group. Compare maximin
[C20: from mini(mum) + max(imum)]
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Los Alamos National Laboratory, with the help of several industry experts in optics, has introduced an x-ray device, MiniMAX, that overcomes these limitations.
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He covers nonlinear resource allocation, lexicographic minimax and maximin optimizations, substitutable resources, multi-period equitable resource allocation, network resources, and integer decisions.
One of the approaches to handle the above problem and to cope with the imbalance and possible inconsistencies of training and predicted data is the minimax strategy for which the classification parameters are determined by minimizing the maximum possible risk of misclassification [1, 2].
The starts and general standard of racing was exceptionally good, although MiniMax drivers had some issues at the bottom hairpin.
The cabinet is compatible with Spectronics' MiniMax series of UV lamps, and there is space on the top part of the cabinet to accommodate one or two of these lamps.
The pathology measure used in this paper was first discovered independently by Nau [10] and Beal [1] in the minimax algorithm [17].
Ben, ranked Minimax number four in the UK and Welsh championship, has now moved up to the faster more dangerous Junior Max class.
The forum will house leading technology providers such as Tyco Fire and Security, Advance Air Solution, Fire Eater A/S, Al Jazeera Paints, Jotun, Agnice, City Properties, Prysmian Group, Minimax, Seacor and SensIT Technologies.
Minimax consulting firm managing director Dr Mohammed Saleh Al Kamashki spoke on the status of women in the public and private sectors, citing the Bahrain Development Bank and Tamkeen for empowering them.
Some topics explored include a spectral kernel learning algorithm for classification, a hybrid encryption algorithm based on DES and RSA in Bluetooth communication, analysis of solar auto-tracking system kinematics and static force, and the use of manifold learning and a minimax probability machine for face recognition.

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