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Variant of minuscule.
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(ˈmɪn əˌskyul, mɪˈnʌs kyul)

1. very small.
2. (of letters or writing) small; not capital.
3. written in such letters (opposed to majuscule).
4. a minuscule letter.
5. a small cursive script developed in the 7th century A.D. from the uncial, which it afterward superseded.
[1695–1705; < Latin minusculus smallish. See minus, -cule1]
mi•nus′cu•lar, adj.
usage: minuscule, from Latin minus meaning “less,” has frequently come to be spelled miniscule, probably under the influence of the prefix mini- in the sense “of a small size.” Though this spelling occurs frequently in edited writing, it is usually considered an error.
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Adj.1.miniscule - very smallminiscule - very small; "a minuscule kitchen"; "a minuscule amount of rain fell"
little, small - limited or below average in number or quantity or magnitude or extent; "a little dining room"; "a little house"; "a small car"; "a little (or small) group"
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also miniscule
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Each page of the miniscule volume, which will be displayed at an exhibition of miniature books in Glasgow, is only as wide as a single human hair.
Zarate said Bello's assessment of the 'miniscule' wage increase should push the Duterte administration to classify as urgent proposed measures like House Bill No.
Instead, Kataria added that there are several castes that are miniscule in number, hence, they should be termed as minorities.
Small world: Quirky French photographer Vincent Bousserez from Paris, has created an entire world of miniscule plastic people carrying out day-to-day activities.
Miniscule subject matter on microscope slides can also be displayed for science lessons.
Two miniscule sexual scenes are included for no apparent reason and no furthering of the plot, Jennings has a fine restrained voice that keeps his listeners intrigued and eloquently manages the tones of the various characters.
As described in the literature, the SLS 7000 specular reflective sensor features a precise 10 nanometer over a 1 millimeter measurement range, a fast 16 kHz sample rate with patented Fast Light Control Circuit and a small 10 to 20 micron visible laser spot that enables profiling of intricate target structures such as miniscule cracks and grooves.
His handling is superb: largely monochromatic parallel vertical and horizontal strokes of similar heft, often overlapping slightly and occasionally interrupted by smaller areas of shorter, staccato-like diagonal strokes and miniscule sprinkles of more intense color.
The American public in particular has enjoyed several years of compounded wealth in a climate of miniscule inflation as a result of the Chairman and certain colleagues following a sophisticated but nevertheless gut instinct instead of listening to the conventional wisdom of the day.