n. pl. min·i·skis
A short ski used by beginners or skibobbers.
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Formed out of the ashes of seven-piece The Joneses, they are Edgar Jones - who writes, sings and plays bass - Edgar's nephew Nick Miniski on drums and his mate Stuart Gimblett on guitar.
Alem disso, outro aspecto problematico importante referente ao uso de medidas de auto-relato corresponde a existencia na literatura de altas correlacoes entre escalas que medem IE atraves de auto-relato e escalas de personalidade (Brackett & Mayer, 2003; Dawda & Hart, 2000; Saklofske, Austin, & Miniski, 2003; Salovey, Mayer, Caruso, & Lopes, 2001; Schutte et al., 2001; Van der Zee, Thijs, & Schackel, 2002).
Recorded with producers Steve Powell and Ian Grimble, Willow She Weeps was recorded by Power on vocals, guitars and basses, with one-time La's drummer Nick Miniski on bass drums and handclaps - no hi-hats or snares here.
With Mavers reunited with Power, and joined in the new line-up by Jay Lewis and Nick Miniski, expectations were high.