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Noun1.minister of religion - a person authorized to conduct religious worshipminister of religion - a person authorized to conduct religious worship; "clergymen are usually called ministers in Protestant churches"
clergyman, man of the cloth, reverend - a member of the clergy and a spiritual leader of the Christian Church
ministrant - someone who serves as a minister
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Some of the excerpts from Ali's milestone letter are as follows: I have filed with the Local Board a written request to reopen my classification based on accompanying written information presenting facts not considered by the Local Board or the Appeal Board when I was classified which will prima facie justify a change in my classification to that of IV-D, exempting me from all training and service as a minister of religion.
He allowed some of his ministers to pave the way for not only the harassment of heterodox sects of Islam, with his minister of religion declaring that Shia were not Muslims and should be forcibly converted, but also the circumventing of attempts by the Christian community to build new churches.
Garda McDonagh told the court Canon Hanna said: "I'm leaving, chase me if you want." Judge Durcan commented: "Now I know that this man is a Minister of Religion, I am even more appalled." Canon Hanna of The Rectory, Ennis, was a no-show in court last December when the six-month ban was imposed and he failed to turn up again at Ennis District Court yesterday for his latest speeding conviction.
The agencies listed are: financial, legal, medical, local government, magistrate, justice of the peace, police officer, minister of religion, and care home/ nursing home manager.
"It is not a good thing, yet it is a wonderful thing that a man of the white race, a minister of religion, died in Alabama last week as a martyr for the rights of man," begins the lead editorial in the March 17, 1965, NCR.
Beyond his time as Chair of Comparative Religion at the IAIN in Yogyakarta, during which he laid the intellectual foundations to his approach, Ali oversaw the expansion of programs for the study of religion in the IAIN system through the development of curricula and teaching materials as Minister of Religion in the 1970s.
Bal Krishan Gautam, Minister of Religion (Priest) at Newcastle Hindu Temple, said: "Over the years the North East has become home to many Hindu people who contributed to the life and community development.
Literacy, one should always remember, is an important thing in life, even in a country like Egypt, where you don't necessarily need to read and write in order to become a minister of religion.
SIR - The Police and Crime Commissioner should have been a successful parent, teacher, scoutmaster, lawyer, policeman, prison officer, , minister of religion and politician.
"We were having a gathering tonight, spending some time with members of the mosque after a service, and someone alerted us that there was a fire outside," The New York Post quoted Maan Alsahlani, the mosque's minister of religion, as saying.

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