minister resident

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minister resident

n. pl. ministers resident
A diplomatic agent ranking below a minister plenipotentiary.

min′ister res′ident

n., pl. ministers resident.
a diplomatic representative ranking next below a minister plenipotentiary.
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Where was James Longstreet US minister resident 1880-81?
One of the cruellest remarks Churchill ever uttered was the one he made--'with frightful sibilant emphasis'--about the Chiefs of Stall Committee to the Minister Resident in NorthWest Africa, Harold Macmillan.
If the Grand Minister Resident of Xining [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (an official position that originated in 1725) had not drawn the territorial boundaries of present-day Qinghai in 1731, the region commonly known today as Qinghai would possibly not even exist.

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