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A person ordained for service in a Christian church:
Informal: reverend.
phrasal verb
minister to
1. To have the care and supervision of:
Idioms: keep an eye on, look out for, take care of, take under one's wing.
2. To work and care for:
attend, do for, serve, wait on (or upon).
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Not exactly regally lovely, of course--it wouldn't do, I suppose, for a minister to have a regally lovely wife, because it might set a bad example.
The Prime Minister highly appreciated the proposal forwarded by the Interior Minister to the OIC Secretary General for convening of OIC Special Ministerial Summit at Islamabad to present a unanimous stand by the Muslim Ummah on blasphemous material.
Minister to the Prime Minister responsible for Relations with the HPR Iyed Dahmani
Minister of Defence Sedki Sobhi also continues in his post, which he assumed after Al-Sisi resigned as defence minister to launch his presidential campaign.

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