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1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of a minister of religion or of the ministry.
2. Of or relating to administrative and executive duties and functions of government.
3. Law Of, relating to, or being a mandatory act or duty admitting of no personal discretion or judgment in its performance.
4. Acting or serving as an agent; instrumental.

min′is·te′ri·al·ly adv.
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Adv.1.ministerially - in the manner of a minister or clergyman; "he was called on to visit ministerially on the dying man"
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"At the very least he is ministerially responsible, if not personally culpable." Eleven people have gone on trial in Saudi Arabia accused of killing the Washington Post journalist who was murdered by a hit squad during a visit to the country's consulate in Istanbul.
The two obstacles of incorporeality and social media democracy do not forbid the possibility of social media pastoral ministry, but they do entail limits on what all can be done ministerially.
Legal experts yesterday supported the Supreme Court (SC) in its recent ruling clearing ranking government officials who ministerially approved anomalous projects.
Overlook for a moment the advisability of the CE of a council under scrutiny by a ministerially appointed Improvement Panel moonlighting in such a highly demanding role.
Maybe I could tell myself that "enacted" in the phrase "Be it enacted by the Queen's most excellent Majesty" means something like "ministerially rubber-stamped," rather than "made law." By domesticating the meaning of the phrase in this way, I could render the enacting clause sensible and inoffensive without having to rely on ideas about ritual performance.
The results of the centralized and Ministerially managed approach to procurement taken in Ontario has resulted in rapid escalation of renewable capacity at the expense of escalating electricity prices, excess supply and suboptimal system planning.
Hoatson was subsequently placed on administrative leave, and he applied for laicization in 2011, claiming Myers was squeezing him financially and ministerially Hoatson has asked that in addition to Myers' removal as archbishop, that he be reinstated to the priesthood so he can immediately "retire with dignity" and the financial support provided to priests.
to be considered ministerially, the process must apply predictable,
Laity who had been looking for ways to exercise their baptismal vocation more ministerially began to take on leadership roles that previously had not been open to them.
acts ministerially. Yet how one acts, as opposed to what one is, is not
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