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One who ministers.
Serving attendance on someone.

[From Latin ministrāns, ministrant-, present participle of ministrāre, to serve, from minister, servant; see minister.]


ministering or serving as a minister
a person who ministers
[C17: from Latin ministrans, from ministrāre to wait upon]


(ˈmɪn ə strənt)

1. ministering.
2. a person who ministers.
[1660–70; < Latin]
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Noun1.ministrant - someone who serves as a ministerministrant - someone who serves as a minister  
curate, minister, minister of religion, parson, pastor, rector - a person authorized to conduct religious worship; "clergymen are usually called ministers in Protestant churches"
Adj.1.ministrant - giving practical help to; "a ministering angel"; "the angels ministrant sang"; "the attending physician"
helpful - providing assistance or serving a useful function
References in classic literature ?
I can at will, doubt not, as soon as thou, Command a table in this wilderness, And call swift flights of Angels ministrant, Arrayed in glory, on my cup to attend: Why shouldst thou, then, obtrude this diligence In vain, where no acceptance it can find?
Thus saying, from his radiant Seat he rose Of high collateral glorie: him Thrones and Powers, Princedoms, and Dominations ministrant Accompanied to Heaven Gate, from whence EDEN and all the Coast in prospect lay.
The service itself was in great part musical, the confident notes of the full choir joining with the resonant organ-tones; and after all the rest the richly robed priests and ministrants passed along the aisles in stately processions enveloped in fragrant clouds of incense.
Drifting into view from the marges, a lone white cloudlet dipped its pinion into the azure and vanished like the Guardian Angel's wing when having tarried through the night to hear the prayers of men, the ministrant spirit hastens to rejoin his fellow heaven-dwellers.
The court judges conditioned this law to be applied in East Jerusalem (inhibitied by a majority of Palestinians), through a command by the authority or a tasked ministrant committee.
Die Autoren haben eine betrachliche Anzahl von Begriffen aus der Religion einbezogen: keresztlevel ristimistunnistus, Taufschein, Taufzeugnis, kongregacio roomakatoliku vennaskond, Kongregation, miatyank meieisapalve, Vaterunser, ministrans altaripoiss, Ministrant.
49) the other, "conceives a lawyer as a member of a profession which has become part of the constitutional structure of the nation; a ministrant of justice, to whom law is a branch of government.

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