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1. The act or process of serving or aiding.
2. The act of performing the duties of a cleric.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin ministrātiō, ministrātiōn-, from ministrātus, past participle of ministrāre, to serve, from minister, servant; see minister.]

min′is·tra′tive adj.
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Man City had g up of points just felt the ministrative, is passport K to get "The only delay was adhe had to go and get his ent from Brazil to the UK stamped with the visa.
The organisation installed its secretary general Fatma Samoura in the new role of "FIFA general delegate for Africa" for an initial six months from 1 August, handing the Senegalese a wide-ranging mandate to "oversee the operational management of CAF", including governance and ad- ministrative procedures, and to "ensure the efficient and professional organisation of all CAF competi- tions".
There are no facilities and ad ministrative costs allowed on these awards.
What had been used strictly to defray "ad ministrative costs or risk" blossomed into a profit center.
They would make you go through a lot of trouble, ad- ministrative papers, residence and visas." She calls for authorities to facilitate their residence permits to be able to enroll in schools.
The agency may institute an ad ministrative proceeding in accordance with F.S.
"This is an ad- ministrative action to revoke the respondent's licenses to operate a clinical laboratory and an abortion clinic," the complaints said.
Way back in 1835, the Hudson's Bay Company built this large and elaborate ad ministrative and transhipment post to confirm their legal charter to vast company lands, to trade in furs and provisions with their traditional network with First Nations and to see to the needs of the growing settler population.

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