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(Pathology) an informal name for TIA


(ˈmɪn iˌstroʊk)
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It caused life-threatening complications such as a ministroke and severe breathing and digestive problems.
I went to the doctor who said he thought I'd had a ministroke. My dad suffered from those quite a lot."
" In October, Charlie revealed he was diagnosed with exhaustion before suffering a ministroke on stage in September while performing a play.
She also has some personal problems to deal with, including a second ministroke that leaves her at half capacity and one that her loyal coworkers elaborately try to cover up.
Established stroke risk factors Factors you can control Factors you can't control * Smoking * Older age * Poor diet * Female sex * Obesity * Family history of stroke * Physical inactivity * Prior stroke, transient * High blood pressure ischemic attack (TIA, ministroke), or heart attack * Diabetes * Black race * High blood cholesterol * Hispanic ethnicity * Carotid artery disease * Peripheral arterial disease * Atrial fibrillation (fast heart beat) * Other heart disease * Sickle cell disease Source: American Stroke Association.
The court heard Gaughan - who walked with a stick - had recently suffered a ministroke and heart attack.
In 2012, Caballe gave several performances around the world despite the fact that she had suffered a ministroke. (ANI/Sputnik)
She said: "I want to go and say, 'No he's not jarred, he had a ministroke and it did affect his balance somewhat'."
After about 15 seconds, I was starting to wonder whether I had endured some sort of ministroke, my brain having shut down my sense of hearing.
Hannan said: "A blood vessel blockage at the back of the eye can cause fogginess and loss of particularly the top part of your vision - in effect a ministroke called a TIA, or transient ischemic attack.
They also alleged she was hit by a ministroke, Media Matters ( reported .

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