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(ˈmɪŋ ki)

a finback whale, Baleanoptera acutorostrata, of temperate and polar seas.
Also called min′ke whale`.
[1930–35; < Norwegian minkehval, allegedly after Meincke, a crewman of the Norwegian whaler Svend Foyn (1809–94)]
حوت يعيش في البحار البارِدَه


(ˈmiŋkiː(weil)) noun
a whale found in cold seas, especially around Norway.
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"We endured for 31 years, but now it's all worth it," he said in Kushiro on Monday night after the first minkes were brought in to be butchered.
It was one of two minkes among the haul on Monday as five ships bristling with harpoons returned.
This year's quota for commercial whaling, including minkes, sei whales and Bryde's whales, is 227, the Fisheries Agency said.
The relatively small minkes grow to around 26ft, and are one of the more common whales seen in Scottish waters.
Whales are a regular sighting along these Atlantic coastlines, but this year, more humpbacks, finbacks and minkes are visiting - all attracted by the movement of herring - and word has quickly spread.
Whales are a regular sighting along these Atlantic coastlines but this year, more humpbacks, finbacks and minkes are visiting.
A newly released&nbsp;report&nbsp;showed 333 minkes were captured and killed by Japanese fishermen during the 12-week expedition in the Southern Ocean.
A report sent to the International Whaling Commission (IWC) reveals hunters caught 333 minkes in total.
Minkes arrival follows that of Banking counsel Frdrique Jacobse and Banking partner Jan-Joost van Rijsbergen, as well as Capital Markets & Structured Finance partner Jeroen Bos and Restructuring & Insolvency partner Erwin Bos.
Ethics training provides employees an overview of ethical policies and rules, outlines key ethical challenges, and teaches appropriate behaviors for completing job assignments (Knouse & Giacalone, 1997; Loe & Weeks, 2000; Minkes, Small, & Chatterjee, 1999; Newbaum, 2009; Owens, 1998; Palmer 8c Zakhem, 2001; Trevino et al, 2014).
We saw minkes and finbacks (Dhs169 adults, Dhs123 children; zundytiderunners.com).