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weasel-like animals; fur coats made of this animal: He gives her minks and diamonds.
Not to be confused with:
minx – an impudent or flirtatious girl: The minx likes his expensive presents.
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n. pl. mink or minks
1. Either of two semiaquatic mustelid carnivores, Mustela lutreola of Europe or Neovison vison of North America, having a pointed snout, short legs, and partly webbed toes. The North American species is bred for its commercially valuable fur.
a. The soft thick lustrous fur of a mink.
b. A coat, stole, or hat made of this fur.

[Middle English, mink fur, possibly of Scandinavian origin.]
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From the desperate city you go into the desperate country, and have to console yourself with the bravery of minks and muskrats.
There are 'coons down there, and back here on the Sonoma there are mink. And deer!-- why, that mountain's sure thick with them, and I reckon we can scare up a mountain-lion if we want to real hard.
or what plenty is there where you hunt a day, and not start a buck, or see anything bigger than a mink, or maybe a stray fox!
I never took even a slinking mink or a paddling musk-rat in a cage; though I admit having peppered a few of the dark-skin'd devils, when I had much better have kept my powder in the horn and the lead in its pouch.
I can easily walk ten, fifteen, twenty, any number of miles, commencing at my own door, without going by any house, without crossing a road except where the fox and the mink do: first along by the river, and then the brook, and then the meadow and the woodside.
Mr King, who has been filming terns on Anglesey, added: "We have to remember it is not the minks' fault that they ended up here."
For all the money Sara Minks spent on her students last year, she could have bought a new car.
Mary-Anne Bartlett, CIWF's Director in Ireland, told us: "Minks self-mutilate their tail or limb tissue and foxes, when they are stressed or scared, kill their own young to spare them from worse suffering.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-22 September 2003-Over 7,000 minks released from fur farm in Finland - report(C)1994-2003 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.m2.com
She follows in the footsteps of Liz Taylor, Diana Ross and Barbra Streisand by becoming the face and body of Blackglama minks.
WANTED: a team of 10 crack trappers to tackle thousands of minks roaming Scottish islands.
The hotline was set up for residents who saw the minks or those who needed help to capture them.