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Noncircular chainrings (Osymetric, Stronglight, Monaco) have been introduced in which the shape is a skewed ellipse, the major and the minor axes are not perpendicular and the crank lever is mounted nearly perpendicular to the major axis.
The variation of length of the major and minor axes of the trilobal fiber along the spinline is shown in Fig.
However, the product of the major and minor axes (ab) is proportional to the sectional elliptical area through the center of the statolith in a medial plane normal to the aboral-oral axis.
For erythrocyte measurement, the major and minor axes of the cell and its nucleus were obtained from 50 cells by using 15 fish of each ploidy.
The statistical comparison of anisotropy was conducted by measuring the difference in diameters of the bubble in the major and minor axes ([alpha]=a-b).
Major and minor axes were drawn through the mean center of the mound, the apex of the mound was located, and a line drawn from the mean mound center to the apex (Fig.
40 or greater, where the mean difference was 1 to 1-1/4 inches between the major and minor axes (Bond et al.
I could construct relationships between major and minor axes, and control the degree of differentiation.