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Noun1.minor fast day - one of five minor fast days on the Jewish calendar
fast day - a day designated for fasting
Fast of Gedaliah - (Judaism) a minor fast day on Tishri 3 that commemorates the killing of the Jewish governor of Judah
Fast of Tevet - (Judaism) a minor fast day on Tevet 10 commemorates the beginning of the siege of Jerusalem and has also been proclaimed a memorial day for the six million Jews who died in the Holocaust
Fast of Esther - (Judaism) a minor fast day on Adar 13 commemorates three days that Esther fasted before approaching the Persian king on behalf of the Jewish people; the fast is connected with Purim
Fast of the Firstborn - (Judaism) a minor fast day on Nissan 14 that is observed only by firstborn males; it is observed on the day before Passover
Fast of Tammuz - (Judaism) a minor fast day on Tammuz 17 when the walls of Jerusalem were breached
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Today in the 10 Tevet 5772, the minor fast day known as the Tenth of Tevet.