minor leaguer

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Noun1.minor leaguer - a player on a minor-league baseball teamminor leaguer - a player on a minor-league baseball team
minor-league club, minor-league team - a team that plays in a minor league
ballplayer, baseball player - an athlete who plays baseball
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Baseball's tough for a smart person," says Dirk Hayhurst, a longtime minor leaguer and author of the acclaimed The Bullpen Gospels.
Ruiz is exactly the kind of minor leaguer we all root for.
Orioles Minor Leaguer Suspended 50 Gms For Drug of Abuse (http://bizofbaseball.
Traded for Rafael Bentancourt in exchange for a minor leaguer
should have no regrets, according to Valencia coach Jared Snyder, a former minor leaguer who helped guide Mulligan through the process.
Ross traded: The Dodgers traded outfielder Cody Ross to Cincinnati for a player to be named, with that player certain to be a low-level minor leaguer.
Giants Minor Leaguer De La Cruz Suspended 50 Games for Ephedrine (http://bizofbaseball.
Stoneman could package Washburn with a highly touted minor leaguer, of which the Angels have many.
To provide depth with center fielder Steve Finley experiencing tightness in his left groin, the Angels recalled outfielder Chris Prieto, a 32-year-old career minor leaguer, from Triple-A Salt Lake.
Wayne had been a full-time infielder since graduating from Royal High of Simi Valley, but during his second season as a Dodgers minor leaguer he informed his manager he was willing to pitch in emergency situations.
Then Lo Duca was packed off to Florida with Juan Encarnacion and Guillermo Mota in the deal for Brad Penny, Hee Seop Choi and a minor leaguer.