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After the report on Thursday, many people called for her removal from the SBS TV show "The Secret Life of My Secretary," in which she has a minor role.
The ambitious scenario happened before as Valerie Abu Chakra participated in a minor role in the second season of "Al Hayba", and this year she landed the leading role in series "Ma Fiyi" (I can't) alongside actor Mutasim Al-Nahar, and she is preparing to film her scenes in a new film produced by the same company
Architecture and design currently play a minor role in the design and construction of industrial building types, especially waste-to-energy facilities.
The Absolutely Fabulous star, 71, who had a minor role in Bond classic On Her Majesty's Secret Service in 1969, admitted she doesn't think the British actor is right for the role.
The actor spent much of his career doing radio work and was bemused by the fame he gained for his minor role, which took him just an hour to record.
Prosecuting, David Crook said that Roberts had only had a very minor role in the dealing.
Mr Shamtoot, who was known for his comedic comments in parliament, will be appearing in a minor role as a farmer in Taht Al Hezam (Under The Belt).
The latter finished third in the Oaks, but continues to find at least one too good and may have to settle for another minor role once again from a tricky draw out wide.
His accomplice, Barbara Gayton, played a minor role in the fraud, the court heard.
Her arrival marks a return to the long-running soap 30 years after she played the minor role of bookmaker's wife Mrs Chadwick.