mint state

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n.1.(Numismatics) A numerical grade indicating the degree of perfection of the condition of a coin which is classified as uncirculated, ranging from 70 for a coin in perfect condition to 60 for a coin which is uncirculated but may have a weak strike, or numerous small scratches from being handled in mint bags; usually used as the abbreviation MS; as, an MS-67 Morgan Dollar.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Carson City Morgan Dollars provides coin-by-coin entries that include values in Mint State grades, insights on condition ratings, keys to coin history, and the latest markets for them, and has been updated here in a fresh, new third edition that includes new historical photos and information.
This edition has current market prices in high circulated grades and multiple Mint State and Proof grades; updated auction records; updated and additional photos, including a chopmarked trade dollar, various Mint State and Proof type coins, and new die varieties; an essay on the 1837 "Half Cent Worth of Pure Copper" token; an essay on the passing of the half cent and large cent from US commerce; and new die varieties, including major 2009 "Formative Years" Lincoln cent doubled-die reverses.
Table A Number Name Label Description Scale Scale MS70 or Mint State or Perfect Coin, not a single blemish; PR70 Proof State touch mark or thing less than perfect.