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mint 1

1. A place where the coins of a country are manufactured by authority of the government.
2. A place or source of manufacture or invention.
3. An abundant amount, especially of money.
tr.v. mint·ed, mint·ing, mints
1. To produce (money) by stamping metal; coin.
2. To invent or fabricate: a phrase that was minted for one occasion.
Undamaged as if freshly minted: The painting was in mint condition.

[Middle English, from Old English mynet, coin, from Latin monēta; see money.]

mint′er n.

mint 2

1. A member of the mint family.
a. Any of various rhizomatous plants of the genus Mentha of the mint family, characteristically having nearly regular white or purple flowers. Some species are cultivated for their aromatic oil and foliage.
b. The leaves of some of these plants, used as a seasoning.
3. Any of various similar or related plants, such as the stone mint.
4. A candy flavored with natural or artificial mint flavoring.

[Middle English minte, from Old English, from Germanic *minta, from Latin menta, possibly from Greek minthē.]

mint′y adj.
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Noun1.minter - a skilled worker who coins or stamps moneyminter - a skilled worker who coins or stamps money
skilled worker, skilled workman, trained worker - a worker who has acquired special skills
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