minute hand

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min·ute hand

The long hand on a clock or watch that indicates minutes.

minute hand

(Horology) the pointer on a timepiece that indicates minutes, typically the longer hand of two. Compare hour hand, second hand

min′ute hand`

(ˈmɪn ɪt)
the hand that indicates the minutes on a clock or watch, usu. longer than the hour hand.
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Noun1.minute hand - points to the minutesminute hand - points to the minutes    
hand - a rotating pointer on the face of a timepiece; "the big hand counts the minutes"
عَقْرَب الدَّقائِق
minutová ručička
den store viser
minútová ručička

minute hand

[ˈmɪnɪtˌhænd] nlancetta dei minuti


(ˈminit) noun
1. the sixtieth part of an hour; sixty seconds. It is twenty minutes to eight; The journey takes thirty minutes; a ten-minute delay.
2. in measuring an angle, the sixtieth part of a degree; sixty seconds. an angle of 47 50′ (= forty-seven degrees, fifty minutes).
3. a very short time. Wait a minute; It will be done in a minute.
4. a particular point in time. At that minute, the telephone rang.
5. (in plural) the notes taken at a meeting recording what was said. The chairman asked for this decision to be recorded in the minutes.
minute hand
the larger of the two pointers on a clock or watch, which shows the time in minutes past the hour.
the minute (that)
as soon as. Telephone me the minute he arrives!
to the minute
(of time) exactly; precisely. The cooking time must be correct to the minute.
up to the minute
most modern or recent. Her clothes are always right up to the minute; up-to-the-minute clothes.
References in classic literature ?
And at once, as a clock begins to strike and chime as soon as the minute hand has completed a full circle, this change was shown by an increased activity, whirring, and chiming in the higher spheres.
Writing out on note paper in his minute hand all that he owed, he added up the amount and found that his debts amounted to seventeen thousand and some odd hundreds, which he left out for the sake of clearness.
What he was continually looking at in the palm of his right hand was nothing but his watch, the minute hand of which he appeared to be noting intently.
When the minute hand had recorded the lapse of five minutes more a door banged in the bedroom regions -a clear young voice was heard singing blithely -- light, rapid footsteps pattered on the upper stairs, descended with a jump to the landing, and pattered again, faster than ever, down the lower flight.
"It will make no difference," I said : "I can call at the office in the morning and apologize; in the meantime what can be the matter with the clock ?" Upon examining it I discovered that one of the raisin stems which I had been filliping about the room during the discourse of the Angel of the Odd, had flown through the fractured crystal, and lodging, singularly enough, in the key-hole, with an end projecting outward, had thus arrested the revolution of the minute hand.
I found besides a large account-book, which, when opened, hopefully turned out to my infinite consternation to be filled with verses--page after page of rhymed doggerel of a jovial and im proper character, written in the neatest minute hand I ever did see.
I saw, indeed, her heart heave, her lips were a little apart, her breathing grew somewhat hurried; the child smiled; then at last the mother smiled too, and said in low soliloquy, "God bless my little son!" She stooped closer over him, breathed the softest of kisses on his brow, covered his minute hand with hers, and at last started up and came away.
It has a silvered dial with baton hour markers, two super-imposed sapphire discs - on which the hour and minute hands are etched.
This 42-mm model has a minimalist monochrome dial with indexes, hour and minute hands, a second hand, and three tone-on-tone counters.