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Giving my reasons for saying such:-the minutia and complications of such venture, making it impossible.
Prominent features of the Tactilis Touch include a sensor capable of capturing 20-40 minutia of fingerprints, which is more than the 5-8 minutia captured by standard fingerprint sensors.
For correspondence based computation all minutia points get assigned with two descriptors: texture descriptor and minutiae descriptor (Sahu et al., 2016).
So it is feasible to improve fuzzy vault framework, we fuse minutia descriptor into encrypt fuzzy vault the abscissa value, and saving it as helper data in the system, and then using transform function to transfer minutiae coordinate value irreversibly which is proposed by Ratha et al.[20], finally we use the fuzzy vault algorithm for encryption.
Once we are able to identify valid minutia points in a thinned image, then we have to extract two important data from the enhanced, thinned image based on the significant minutia points: they are ridge ending (x,y) location, and the direction of the ending bifurcation.
Nadia Murad, who is on a visit to Kuwait at the invitation of Al-Ghanim, gave the Parliament Speaker the minutia of the adversity she and her ethnic community had to endure at the hands of (IS) in the city of Sinjar, which had fallen under (IS) control.
Extracted minutiae Database: has tables of related entities which contain fingerprint unique identification number, type, orientation, type of minutia among others, minutia x and y coordinate points.
Some of the fingerprint indexing methods are mainly based on orientation fields, such as [2] and [3], while the most are based on minutiae, for example [4]-[10], among them [4]-[9] use minutia triplets.
Each minutia can be represented as (x, y, [theta]) triplet, where (x, y) is the location of the minutia and [theta] angle of the associated ridge (0 [less than or equal to] [theta] < 360[degrees]).
501 Little-Know Facts, Obscure Trivia, World Records and Historical Minutia from the State of Mississippi
2 depicts an example fingerprint with one distinct minutia that shows up as a distinct extreme point on the right gradient map.