mirabile dictu

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mi·ra·bi·le dic·tu

 (mĭ-rä′bĭ-lē dĭk′to͞o)
Wonderful to relate.

[Latin mīrābile dictū : mīrābile, neuter sing. of mīrābilis, wonderful + dictū, ablative sing. supine of dīcere, to say.]

mirabile dictu

(mɪˈræbɪleɪ ˈdɪktuː)
(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) wonderful to relate; amazing to say

mi•ra•bi•le dic•tu

(miˈrɑ bɪˌlɛ ˈdɪk tu; Eng. mɪˈrɑ bə li ˈdɪk tu, -tyu, -ˈræb ə-)
Latin. strange to say; marvelous to relate.

mirabile dictu

A Latin phrase meaning wonderful to relate, used to refer to something surprising.
References in classic literature ?
And then, mirabile dictu, between the piers, leaping from wave to wave as it rushed at headlong speed, swept the strange schooner before the blast, with all sail set, and gained the safety of the harbour.
In the first place, mirabile dictu, there were one or two even greater duffers than I on the Abbey cricket-field.
Mirabile dictu, the arbiter ruled upholding the return of Julia Caesar as president of the village association.
Dy told the Inquirer: 'I'm incredibly proud of my cast and crew, and so humbled and grateful that the Mirabile Dictu jury chose to give the Il Pesce d'Argento Award to our film.
And, mirabile dictu, not costing the government a dime.
Not only did FDR overlook the external evidence; FDR ignored the counsel of key experts at the State Department, which, at the time, was home, mirabile dictu, to an educated and experienced cadre of anti-Communists, or, better, Communist realists--yesteryear's "Islamophobes" --who would be neutralized and dispersed, purged, in two waves.
An answer to a clue suggests itself to my subconscious, and I write it in (in light pencil)--and mirabile dictu it turns out to be right.
Some were apolitical and wanted to live in peace; others were rabid supporters of LEHI; in Egypt, mirabile dictu, some were willing to join LEHI in the battle against the British.
Mick Kinane always had matters under control and the favourite had three lengths to spare over Mirabile Dictu.
And mirabile dictu, he cherishes Wagner's actual music, explaining--in language that any moderately bright adolescent could understand--why it matters, where Wagner innovated, where he upheld existing traditions, and how his work changed the world of music forever.
Their work is a meticulously studied anthology of the most virulent anti-Israeli and antisemitic views which have been voiced, shouted and published in recent years by, mirabile dictu, a coalition of Jewish writers in North America, Europe, and Israel.
I'd be curious to hear your opinion as to what actions should be taken with respect to executives who, mirabile dictu, managed to be granted options at several successive bottoms for their company's stock.