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A seasoning composed of finely diced sautéed vegetables and herbs and sometimes diced ham, bacon, or salt pork.

[After Charles Pierre Gaston François de Lévis, Duc de Mirepoix (1699-1757), French diplomat.]
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(Cookery) a mixture of sautéed root vegetables used as a base for braising meat or for various sauces
[French, probably named in honour of C. P. G. F. de Lévis, Duke of Mirepoix, 18th-century French general]
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Manning likes a ratio of 50 percent onion and 25 percent each of carrot and celery for her mirepoix, aka the base of many broths and soups.
There is also a catering division with Mirepoix Catering.
It is then marinated overnight in mirepoix, tarragon, white wine and pimenton de vera before being roasted in their special ovens.
He understood the importance of using mirepoix (onion, carrot, and celery) as a base, but he used onion, bell pepper, and celery, today's holy trinity in Creole cooking.
Flavors include Anaheim chili; cucumber and a mirepoix that includes heirloom purple carrots so the drink is lavender and "very pretty," Snapp says; bacon; horseradish and dill.
BBC Good Foodrecommends starting with a classic mirepoix base (diced onions, celery, carrot), and scores of top chefs use various herbs and oils and other trickery to elevate their dishes.
Our friend Riva begins with a mirepoix, as so many recipes do.
Mirepoix, the ECJ upheld a French government ban on vegetables imported into France which had "maleic hydrazide," a growth inhibiting pesticide, applied to them.
Del Monte offers a variety of whole fresh products like tomatoes, bell peppers, onions and potatoes that can be used for side dishes, as well as fresh cut vegetables, which consist of butternut squash, Brussels sprouts, mirepoix, kabob kits and pepper strips.
You didn't measure your herbs and aromatic vegetables, your mirepoix; you eyeballed it.