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A white odorless crystalline solid, C10Cl12, formerly used as an insecticide against ants and as a fire retardant. It was banned in the United States in 1978 because of its effects on the environment and possibly on human health.

[Perhaps (pis)mir(e) + ex(terminate).]


(Chemistry) US an organochlorine formerly used as an insecticide. Formula: C10Cl12
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To show the melody extraction performance, the evaluation procedures used in MIREX were also used [33].
However, in the NEAO and the SWPO, toxaphene (56%) and mirex (53%) had the highest relative fractions of total OCPs (Figure 4A).
An estimated segment boundary was counted as correct (true positive) if it was located within a [+ or -] 3-second window around an annotated boundary (the same window size is also used in MIREX evaluations).
This framework, which is still in use, begins with the DEC collecting fish samples from various water bodies across the state and analyzing these samples for levels of various contaminants with known health effects, such as PCBs, mirex, dioxin, and mercury.
SUBSTANCIA CONVENCAO CLASSIFICACAO QUIMICA Alaclor, Captafol, PIC Organoclorado Clordimeforme, Clorobenzilato, Dicloreto de Etileno, Pentaclorofenol Endosulfan, HCH PIC e POP Lindano, DDT, Heptacloro, Clordano Hexaclorobenzeno, Aldrin Dieldrin Clordecona, POP Pentaclorobenzeno, Endrin, Mirex Fluoracetamida PIC Organofluorado Aldicarb PIC Carbamato Binapacril, Dinitro- PIC Derivado do Fenol orto-cresol (DNOC), Dinoseb 1,2-dibromoetano (EDB) PIC Organobromado Oxido de Etileno PIC Oxido Organico Compostos de mercurio PIC Organomercurico Monocrotofos, Paration PIC Organofosforado Tributil estanho PIC Organoestanico
The algorithms in MIREX are evaluated in terms of five metrics, including Voicing Recall Rate (VRR), Voicing False Alarm Rate (VFAR), Raw Pitch Accuracy (RPA), Raw Chroma Accuracy (RCA), and Overall Accuracy (OA).
int (these were Deildrin, Chlordane, DDT, Dioxin, Endrin, Furan, Heptachlar, Hexachlorbenzine, Mirex, Polychlorinated Biphenyls, Toxophene pesticide).
1]) Positivas Tetraclorobifenila 6 0,46-2,32 Dieldrin 8 0,40-1,21 a-HCH 14 0,36-1,18 Aldrin 1 1,50 pp'-DDE 8 0,47-2,67 Endolsulfan II 11 1,45-2,78 Endrin -- ND Mirex 11 0,15-6,67 Endosulfan-I 6 0,24-1,06 Heptaclor Epoxido B -- ND a-Clordano 1 0,30 t-Nonaclor 1 0,52 pp'-DDT 3 1,3-2,75 o,p'- DDD 3 0,44-0,65 b-HCH 3 0,29-0,78 Pentacloroanisol 1 0,28 Dicofol 1 1,80 Heptaclor epoxido A 1 0,59 Substancia/ Rhinella schneideri (Sapo) agrotoxico N = 14 Concentracao Amostras (ng.
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Then they tested the samples in the lab for several types of legacy pesticides, including chlordane and related chemical products such as heptachlor and breakdown products of chlordane; lindane; aldrin and dieldrin; DDT and its degradation products (DDD and DDE); and mirex.