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A white odorless crystalline solid, C10Cl12, formerly used as an insecticide against ants and as a fire retardant. It was banned in the United States in 1978 because of its effects on the environment and possibly on human health.

[Perhaps (pis)mir(e) + ex(terminate).]
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(Chemistry) US an organochlorine formerly used as an insecticide. Formula: C10Cl12
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Twenty-six PCB congeners (PCB-8, 18, 29, 50, 28, 52, 104, 44, 66, 101, 87, 154, 118, 188, 153, 105, 138, 187, 128, 201, 180, 170, 195, 194, 206, and 209), eleven PBDEs (PBDE-30, 28, 47, 66, 100, 99, 85, 154, 153, 138, and 183) and chlorinated pesticides (HCB, ?-HCH, aldrin, dieldrin, mirex, heptachlor, heptachlor epoxide, trans-nonachlor, cis-chlordane, 2,4'-DDE, 4,4'-DDE, 2,4'-DDD, 4,4'-DDD, 2,4'-DDT, and 4,4'-DDT) were analysed using a Varian model CP-3380 gas chromatograph (GC) with the Varian model CP-8410-auto injector (Varian, Inc.
Les concentrations de selenium, de metaux (Hg, Cd et Pb), de 20 pesticides organochlores (HCB, [alpha]-HCH, [gamma]-HCH, aldrine, dieldrine, methoxychlore, mirex, [alpha]- et [beta]-endosulfane, heptachlore, heptachlorepoxyde, [gamma]-CHL, cis-CHL, trans-nonachlore ainsi que o,p'- et p,p'-DDD, DDE, DDT) et de 24 congeneres de PCB s'etablissaient dans les etendues signalees pour le caribou au Canada.
Otros de los avances del PNI fueron determinar nueve plaguicidas organoclorados, contaminantes organicos persistentes (endrin, aldrin, dieldrin, DDT, toxafeno, clordano, mirex, heptacloro y hexaclorobenceno); estudiar otros cinco plaguicidas para su inclusion en el Convenio de Estocolmo (lindano, clordecona, endosulfan, pentaclorofenol y atrazina) y determinar la obsolescencia de los plaguicidas (aquellos que superen su fecha de caducidad en 2 anos luego de su manufactura o con evidentes cambios fisicos, quimicos o perdida de eficacia biologica).
Ellis plans to enter his program in the September 2007 MIREX competition to see how it does head-to-head against more-traditional programs.
An initial "Dirty Dozen" of these dangerous chemicals have been identified, including organochlorine pesticides such as DDT, mirex, and chlordane; industrial chemicals such as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs); and unwanted chemical by-products such as dioxins and furans.
The list of PBT contaminants in the Arctic includes PCBs, polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs), dioxins and furans, HCB, and pesticides such as DDT, chlordane, lindane, dieldrin, mirex, and tributyl tin.
Nine of the 12 (aldrin, endrin, dieldrin, chlordane, dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane (DDT), heptachlor, hexachlorobenzene, mirex, and toxaphene) are pesticides that have been targeted for elimination by NGOs around the world since the early 1980s.
[FIGURE 1 OMITTED] Table 1 List of the Sixteen Substances Initially Included in the CLRTAP POPs Protocol Annex Pesticides Industrial Unintentional chemicals by-products I Aldrin Hexabromobiphenyl Chlordane PCBs Chlordecone DDT Dieldrin Endrin Heptachlor Hexachlorobenzene Mirex Toxaphene II HCH/Lindane DDT PCBs III Dioxins Furans Hexachlorobenzene PAHs Source: Adapted from Annex I-III of the protocol.
(17) The most common contaminants that researchers found in Inuit mothers' breast milk were three pesticides (dieldrin, mirex, and DDE) and two industrial chemicals (PCBs and hexachlorobenzene).
Liver tumor, which is not a hormone-related organ cancer, is the primary target for other pesticides, including kepone, methoxychlor, lindane, heptachlor, mirex, aldrin, and, dieldrin (Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, 1994; International Agency for Research on Cancer [IARC], 1987; IARC, 1991; International Programme on Chemical Safety [IPCS], 1984a; IPCS, 1984b).
The researchers measured a panel of 21 organochlorine pesticides (OCPs), including DDE (dichlorodiphenyldichloroethylene, a metabolite of DDT), mirex, and trans-nonachlor.